Seme Protagonist

This tag is used when the Protagonist of the story is the Seme/Gong/Top in a male x male relationship. This tag is to only be used for novels containing boy love. In the event of a reversible couple, this tag should not be used.

Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game

Xu Beijin is an extra in the game Escape. His usual role is to lie on the floor to be the corpse, while observing how the Missiontakers scratch their heads to figure out a way to survive.


All the other extras work extremely hard as if trying to win the next Oscars in order to leave this cruel, despairing world; while Xu Beijin has a simple, monotonous, tedious life.

While hes hes working hard dating Lin Qin, the audience goes ?!?! This isnt the horror game stream I signed up for!

Despicable, insane gong x paternal and indifferent, divorced shou. The story between a youth with a unique psychological disorder and an apathetic doctor.

Ye Xuan, relying on his wood-type ability, had been fighting for ten years in the apocalypse. He survived the early apocalyptic period of moral collapse, passed through the middle of the apocalypse with multi-party struggles, and finally reached the stage of order and stability. His post apocalyptic life was finally on track.


Just as he was thinking about whether to spawn a watermelon or an apple as a fruit after dinner, a white light flashed, and he returned to the time before the world ended.

He was not a good person in the traditional sense. He only did whatever he wanted to do. Rather than being cold to everyone, he was soft only to those close to him.


Young Master Ye, that person is a rich second generation, a third generation of the founding family, the famous noble son of Beijing, he will not marry you.

Young Master Ye, Young Master Bai is not someone you can covet.

Cannon Fodder Is King [Quick Transmigration]

All Meng Zezhi has to do is to live wantonly in these weird worlds.

In his previous life, Mu Yixi, an illegitimate child, was taken back to the Mu family by Mrs Mu. Doing everything possible to deceive her


and break her trust, he caused Mu family to shatter into pieces. But in this life, he is truly sincere.

Lu Hui is a genius, but he has an odd temperament.


The director of Linhua Citys Bureau of Public Safety, Gao Zhengcheng, personally invited Lu Hui to head the serious crimes division, taking over to solve particularly tricky homicide cases.

And so opens Linhua Citys collection of cases.

Ling Huaan possessed peculiar eyes. He couldnt see the living, but he has the ability to see ghosts. He runs a small supermarket with his profit obviously earned from the living people. But in fact, his massive income actually comes from finding out the cause of death of the wronged souls and helping them enter the cycle of reincarnation.


But every time he went out shopping, he would always sense the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the market. But hes a firm atheist, so its reasonable for him to go. (Actually, I think the supermarket owner is quite a good-looking fellow and has good disposition.)

By an incidental chance, Ling Huaan suddenly received a huge order. If he could do it, he will no longer have to worry about food and clothing in his lifetime. But its quite difficult, thus, Ling Huaan naturally approached Jiang Chengyan.

Afterwards, Jiang Chengyan who is a firm atheist, had his three views broken, and it was really sweet

Shen Jingheng, the youngest and most outstanding admiral in the galaxy, the dream lover of countless Omegas, unfortunately has a flaw and is severely allergic to Omegas


Other Alphas can smell the Omega pheromone with no problems, but he had to use various anti-allergic products all the time, otherwise he would have all kinds of strange symptoms. In addition, he is also an out-and-out perfectionist, pursuing full marks in everything.

But he never expected that there would be an unforeseen event in his life His 100% matching spouse is actually the famous little crybaby Omega in the whole galaxy. Except for a face, this Omega is useless.

No way, since it is a destined 100% match, he has to get married even if he doesnt like it. As a result, after marriage, there was a problem that even the most invincible admiral in the world could not solve.

How can I complete my wifes hug request without being allergic? He is perfect, so he must ask me to be a perfect husband! He! Definitely can not let his wife cry!

Its so difficult, how can it be harder than fighting? Ancestor, please stop crying?

His wife cheated on him, Wu Yue came to retrieve his biological son.


His beautiful, quiet, and incomplete child. Chu Dong.

Yu Qingze transmigrated to a world, where there are no women, only gers and men. He was rescued by a ger no one wants to marry because he couldnt speak, has a scarred face, and a dull cinnabar mole between his brows indicating low fertility.


Yu Qingze, who has tasted the warmth of human affection in his previous life, did not dislike the others flaws at all: ancient people without vision, my wife is kind-hearted, ingenious, capable, and virtuous. There will be times when you will envy him in the future!

Relying on his professional cooking skills, Yu Qingze would make money, raise a family, have a few babies, and guard the people who he loves and who love himself. This is the most important reason for his rebirth.

Shao Mingwei is a student with great academic potential but for some reason he worked part-time as a bar escort and unexpectedly met Min Yu, a well-known local businessman who he once had an encounter with at his university.


Shao Mingwei considered himself a straight man, but step-by-step, he was unable to extricate himself from Min Yus gentle and soft advances

Outsiders all say that Xie Zhongxing had hit the jackpot marrying the prince of the Qin Enterprise, Qin Zhongyue, even being treasured and favoured for five whole years. They were well-recognized as a loving couple.


However, they didnt know that Qin Zhongyue had a lot of dissatisfaction with this marriage. He complained to his good friend, He micromanages everything. Wont let me drink or smoke, wont let me go clubbing, and he even set me a 10pm curfew!

I have to hand over all my salary and bank cards and he would only give me a hundred yuan a day! Only if he is in a good mood, he would give me a few hundred more!

If I ever get the chance to do this again, I will never marry him! I used to get eight million yuan a month as spending money! The prince said this to his friend.

The Xie Zhongxing at this time was eighteen years old and poor to the point where he only had one set of old clothes to wear, holes in his socks and a pair of dirty shoes with its soles peeling off. Even if he had a nice-looking face, he was despised and looked down upon, and known in the school as a pauper.

When Xie Zhongxings parents came to handle the withdrawal procedures for him, Qin Zhongyue only then found out that he was a study tyrant ranked first in his grade, receiving scholarships every year, and that he was a seedling with good prospects the school had high expectations for and not the useless high school dropout who didnt like to study and only has money in his eyes as claimed by his younger brother.

Qin Zhongyue couldnt bear the sight of this. He pulled Xie Zhongxing into his arms, angry, Continue studying! Our Qin family has never had a top scorer before, you must keep studying!

Qin Zhongyue thought of Xie Zhongxings dictatorship after their marriage and shuddered. He then maintained a look of righteousness, I am just a kind-hearted person who does not wish to reveal his name!

NB: The actual title is literally The Sand Sculpture Gong was Reborn. Sand sculpture () is a homonym for (Sha Diao) which is a derogatory term for an idiot/a fool. Sand sculpture is often used with a more humourous/joking intention to describe something or someone as silly or foolish.

This Male Was Forced To Support His Family

Gu Yu, the shame of a famous Zerg male, only had a lifelong dream to be a rice worm who only ate and waited for death.


The female was responsible for going to the battlefield to support the family, and he was responsible for lying at home, eating, and doing nothing.

His female partner returned from the battlefield but was severely wounded, his legs were paralyzed and he was forced to retire from the military.

But for the sake of your happiness in the rest of your life, we suggest that you immediately marry a few rich and powerful females to take care of yourself.

All the jealous females, The female who lives in the Marshals house and does nothing. Just lay at home and eat soft rice every day!

After Becoming the Alpha Protagonist, I Snatched the Cannon Fodder Omega

The thick-skinned Qiu Zhenyang just transmigrated, and became the crazy, cool alpha protagonist gong in an interstellar ABO campus story.


He silently looked at the young man glaring at him with misty eyes. This young man was the cannon fodder omega the original owner had recently broken the marriage contract with, and the overflowing pheromones from his body indicated he was about to enter estrus.

Transmigrating into the young master of the Federations Chief Legion, the First Consortium, and a Pharmacy Family, Qiu Zhenyang has whatever he wants. Whoever is not pleasing to the eye, he can deal with.

Qiu Zhenyangs pheromone tastes like sunshine, and his personality is like a little sun. But only when facing Ling Mu, the cannon fodder covered in thorns, did heart soften again and again. His affection grew stronger, and he loved him uncontrollably.

My pheromone is sunshine, your pheromone is sunflower, we are born to fit together.

In this world, there is always one type of man who does not want to improve themselves. They care only for themselves, in whatever means possible. They make their life goal to be kept as a lover, and they will use their lovers up until they have no more use.


In other words, this is a main character transmigrating into a scummy human being, and creating his own destiny kind of story.

Hold On, Youre Something Else

Rong Jing is an easy-going person. After transmigrating into a book, he tries his best to avoid the inevitable ending of a cannon fodder. Instead of provoking the books protagonist, he quietly stays as an Alpha though he is actually a heavenly dish within the circle.


The protagonist in the book is a heartthrob omega. He is born into a poor family but is constantly striving to improve himself. Hes talented and all, like he basically has a cheat in life. His career is very important to him.

Lots of big shots are attracted to him and want to bow down to him because of his bewitching pheromones. The more they like him the crazier and more perverted they become.

Rong Jing didnt finish reading the book so he wasnt aware that this book is a wicked revenge story and that the protagonist suffered because of his beauty.

The next day, as he watched the crying, red-eyed protagonist, he proposed to work hard to learn how to be a good financial backer for him for one year.

A year later, when he decided to break up with him for good, the protagonist slapped him with their agreement. Even his fans scolded him fiercely saying that he should take responsibility.

In fact, he has a good appearance and good acting skills, but he always lacks a little chance. However, every time an opportunity comes, it will always pass by for one reason or another.

Lu Yan always thought it was his bad luck, but only later learned that it was the villain who was to blame. He has always regarded the other party as a good friend and brother, but never thought that others would only regard him as a stepping stone.

Once reborn, he will no longer be dominated by others, and his own destiny should be in his own hands.

Time flies, and it is already the third day. I sat in one of the pavilions of Champs lyses in the middle of the lake. The scenery was so beautiful. I gazed at the graceful dancers as I poured my wine, and a faint smile came into my eyes.


I have known the Emperor for a long time now, but I have never seen him like this before, holding his forehead with a grave face. What the hell is going on?

Imperial Uncle, This Emperor is very familiar with you. Dont be dismal. Its just a woman. There are many herbs in the world. Uncle, dont you think so?

Feng Yin, this fifth prince yesterday, was now the Emperor of Jing, pretended to have a heavy face. When Ziqing glanced at the other princes, they seemed to be all the same to him, except for Feng Yin, who was holding a sake in his hand. He did not speak.

Nephew I gritted my teeth with a difficult expression on my face, To tell you the truth, Imperial Uncle actually likes men!

I Want To Be a Good Person in This Life

After the death of both of his parents, the good student Zhuo Shao with good academic performance became a gangster. In the end, he ended up committing murder, went to jail, and ruined his life.


After rebirth, he decided to change his mind and be a good man, and earn more money, so that he could catch up with the rich and handsome male god that he had always wanted in his previous life.

Of course, the first thing he had to do when he was reborn again and penniless was to fill his stomach... To fill his stomach, he took the class student who had been blackmailed by him several times in his previous life and who turned out to be so s*upid to give him a lot of money.

At first he thought, dogs should be with dogs, like his shixiong, beautiful and tame like a cute Japanese Spitz, and the two of them together would surely be a match made in heaven.

Yet, after having died and reborn, after having lived two lives, the one he hauled back each time to his den in the end was always the one he couldnt stand at first: that snow-white kitty shizun.

The Protagonists Ill White Moonlight, He Will Die Soon

Transmigrated as the sickly white moonlight, who cant wait to cough up three liters of blood every day, Chu Yus character is pitiful, weak and


green tea, which exists in various stand-in literature. He becomes an existence that thousands of readers scorn and hate.

Transmigrated to Twenty Years Ago and Adopted Myself

Jiang Wang fell into a lake due to a car accident and found himself back to twenty years ago.


But the first thing he did was to save his seven-year-old self from a drunkards house. The child kept crying non-stop with his eyes swollen red, You are you going to sell me, hiccup.

*There is a huge contrast between the character of the present male protagonist from when he was a child

I Excavated an Emperor to Become a WifeThis was one of the greatest discoveries in archeological history, and when everything gets revealed, it might turn history upside down.

Qin Cheng followed his professor to Xian, where the buried treasuries of a tomb have been covered up for thousands of years. Then, strange and inexplicable events began to happen....

Every nerve of the archeologist trembled in excitement and fear, however, he was even more stunned when the sarcophagus suddenly opened, revealing an Emperor, who lived a thousand years ago, sleeping inside.

After that, his own heart remained there too......

Jiang Zhen crossed into ancient times and became the old bachelor eldest Jiang who was neglected by his whole family in the village in Hexi Village.


He was born into a good family, but the eldest Jiang was busy all year but couldnt eat a full meal. His two younger brothers could marry a wife, but he was starved to death Jiang Zhen felt it was unbearable.

You want to tell me that I am not filial? Ok, I will immediately take the knife to the village and slash people, and let the yamen officer catch all of us.

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