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Theres a vast range of online literature beyond what we index individually on The Online Books Page. Below we list some of the major sources and indexes of free online texts, in all languages, both general and specialized.

These are large, general-purpose collections with substantial English-language listings. For archives that mainly carry other languages, see thenon-English languages archive listings. We break these out into categories:

Large-scale repositories--Significant indexes and search aids--Significant smaller-scale archives

These are big collections of texts, big enough to act as small library-like collections in their own right. The threshold for inclusion here may rise over time. Listed alphabetically.

Google Book Search(page images of 2,000,000+ fully readable public domain books, plus many more copyrighted books available via excerpts and snippets)

Advanced Book Search(may be easier to find specific free titles via this page)

HathiTrust(3,000,000+ freely readable titles, and additional search-only titles, from Google and elsewhere)

Internet Archive Ebooks and Texts(15,000,000+ freely readable volumes; page images and some transcriptions)

Project Gutenberg (over 50,000 items, mostly book transcriptions)

Via FTP at Ibiblio (direct access to Gutenberg files, may be messy)

Significant indexes and search aids

The sites below primarily provide search engines, indexes or useful link lists for finding online books.

ATHENA(multilingual text index in Switzerland)

Digital Book Index(free and for-pay books online; registration-based)

E-Books on the Web(multi-index search engine from Buffalo)

The Online Books Page(the site that includes this directory)

Voice of the Shuttleand itsEnglish Literaturesection

Everything else we see worth listing that doesnt fit inmore specialized categories.

The Bibliomania Library(from Data Text)

Electronic Open Stacks(preservation digitization at Chicago)

National Library of Canada Electronic Collection(archives texts from or about Canada)

IntraText Digital Library(5000+ texts, multilingual, main focus on religion, Latin, Italian, and science)

Michigan Digital Public Text Collections(100+ collections open to the public)

Project Gutenberg Canada(Literature in the public domain in Canada)

Faded Page(4000+ books in the public domain in Canada)

Roy Glashans Library(Literature in the public domain in Australia)

Tyler JonessiLoveLanguages sitehas a comprehensive listing of various language and literature resources. WESSWebsWestern European Literaturelisting also lists a number of major collections in non-English European languages. See also these archives:

Afghan languages (including Pashto and Dari):Afghanistan Digital Library

Alaskan languages (including Aleut, Alutiiq, Tlingit, and Yupik):Alaskan Orthodox Texts

Arabic:Arabic Collections Online(10,000+ public domain volumes; at NYU)

Armenian:Armenian House Library(Armenian section)

Australian indigenous languages:CALL Collection(books and other literature, with many items digitized)

Biblioteca Virtual Joan Llus Vives(mostly Catalan materials)

Selecci de Poesia Catalana(Catalan poetry)

Chamorro:Chamorro Bible website(also has other Chamorro literature and language resources)

Chinese Text Project(annotated Chinese classics)

An Analytical Bibliography of On-Line Neo-Latin Titles(index of over 60,000 items, edited by Dana Sutton)

Ancient Greek and Latin Texts(selected from Google Books)

Bibliotheca Augustana(Latin texts arranged by century)

Electronic Resources for Medieval Philosophy Studies: Digitized Books(at Boston College)

The Latin Library(edited by William L. Carey)

Project Libellus(at the University of Washington)

Perseus Digital Library(classical Greek, Latin, and other texts at Tufts)

Textkit(Greek and Latin learning tools)

Vatican Library Digital Collections(mostly in Latin)

Czech:National Library of the Czech Republic Digital Libraries

Danish:Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur(in Denmark)

Ars Floreat(philosophy and religion texts in Dutch)

Delpher(100 million pages of historic Dutch-language texts)

Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren

Ethiopian languages:Virtual Hill Museum Reading Room(includes Ethiopian and other languages)

ARTFL Public Databases(free portion of this French literature collection)

Association des bibliophiles Universels(public domain French texts; in France)

Les Classiques des Sciences Sociales(French-language social science classics; at U. du Qubec)

Gallicafrom the Bibliotheque Nationale de France (5 million+ documents in French and other languages)

Marandet Collection of French Plays(several digitized collections from before 1789 through 1835; at Warwick)

CELT Project(Irish electronic texts)

Corpas Stairiil na Gaeilge / Historical Irish Corpus, 1600-1926(at Royal Irish Academy)

Austrian Literature Online(Austrian works, mostly in German)

Gttinger Digitalisierungszentrum(German and some English etexts)

Sophie(work by German-speaking women; at BYU)

Projekt Gutenberg-DE(German texts; no direct relation to the US-based Project Gutenberg)

Religio(Texts in German on religion)

WikiSource: Zeitschriften(list of links to digitized pre-1930 German periodicals)

Hawaiian Language Newspapers(at

Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library

Daat(includes medieval Jewish philosophy full texts) 50,000 out of print Seforim and other classical Hebrew books)

Mechon Mamre(classical Jewish texts and others)

National Library of Israel Digital Library(texts, images, and other documents on Israel, Jews, and related subjects)

Sefaria Library(religious texts in Hebrew and other languages)

Seforim Online(classic Hebrew texts)

Yizkor Books(Holocaust memorial books; at NYPL)

Hungarian:Magyar Elektronikus Knyvtr(Hungarian electronic library)

Mlið.is(Icelandic dictionaries and language resources)

Pelagus Letteratura Italiana(searchable index of Italian literature and sites)

Granth Sanjeevani(rare books and other historic materials, many in Indian languages)

National Digital Library of India(among other languages; registration required)

Rekhta(poetry in Urdu and other languages)

Aozora Bunko(2000+ works of public domain Japanese literature)

Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works(from the National Institute of Japanese Literature)

Japanese Censorship Collection(1000+ works submitted to imperial censors in the early 20th century)

National Diet Library Digital Collections(hundreds of thousands of digital documents, mostly in Japanese)

Kawai Collection(digitized Korean classical manuscripts and books)

National Library of Korea Digitized Materials(mostly in Korean)

Maori:Maori Niupepa Collection(newspapers written for Maori audience, 1842-1932)

Mayan:Maya Hieroglyphic Writing: The Ancient Codices

Wirtualna Biblioteka Literatury Polskiej(Virtual Library of Polish Literature)

ebooksbrasil(Brazilian literature, mostly Portuguese)

Jornal de Poesia(Portuguese poetry)

Literatura Brasileira: Digital Library of Portuguese-Language Literature

Projecto Vercial(Portuguese authors and literature)

Armenian House Library(Russian section)

Dvaita Text Resources(classic Hindu texts)

Reading the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit(at Maharishi University)

Sanskrit Documents(archive, index, and forum)

Scandinavian Languages:Project Runeberg(from Sweden)

Serbian (see also South Slavic Languages):Projekat Rastko(Serbian texts and images)

Scots/Scottish:Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech(in the UK; also has English)

Slovak:Zlat Fond(in Slovakia)

Slovenian (see also South Slavic Languages):

Beseda: Virtualna Slovenska Knjigarna

South Slavic languages (see also Serbian, Slovenian, etc.):

Virtual South Slavic Literature Library

Biblioteca Virtual Miguel De Cervantes(Spanish texts; JavaScript-dependent)

CLACSO(social science books in Spanish)

Elaleph(Spanish-language PDF texts)

Textos Lemir(medieval Spanish texts)

Syriac:Syriac Studies Reference Library(at BYU; also includes texts in Latin and other languages)

Buddhist Digital Resource Center(Collection of Buddhist literature, mostly in Tibetan)

Timeless Treasuries(Tibetan Buddhist literature from the Tsadra Foundation)

Uysal-Walker Archive of Turkish Oral Narrative(at Texas Tech)

Wikilala(digitized Ottoman Turkish documents)

Ukrainian:Electronic Library of Ukrainian Literature(at Toronto)

Llyfrgell Owen(online library of Welsh-language texts)

National Library of Wales Digital Gallery(online materials in Welsh and English)

Yiddish Book Center Digital Yiddish Library(11,000+ titles via

Yizkor Books(Holocaust memorial books; at NYPL)

Academic Presses and Institutions--Agriculture--Architecture--Art and Crafts--Audio--Blacks--Books, Printing, and Publishing--Children--Comics and Graphic Novels--Computing--Dissertations--Drama--Economics--Film, Televison, and Radio--Folklore--Historical--Home Economics--Literary--Military--Music and Dance--New Original Works--Philosophy--Poetry--Politics, Government, Law--Portable Reader Editions--Regional--Religion--Science, Technology, Social Science and Math--Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror--Serials--Sports, Games and Recreation--Textbooks and Instructional Materials--Women

Some presses and academic institutions have put a substantial number of free online books on their site. They are listed below.

ANU Press(800+ open access ebooks, with print copies for sale, from the Australian National University)

AU Press(100+ open access ebooks in English and French, with print copies for sale, from the Athabasca University in Canada)

Bloomsbury Open Access Titles(190+ open access academic books)

Brandeis University Press: institutional repository collection(50+ open access books from their backlist)

Bristol University Press(40+ open access books)

CaltechAUTHORS books(200+ open access books from Caltech authors)

CORE(aggregation of millions of open access research texts, including some books)

Digital Culture Books(50+ free current and recent titles from the University of Michigan Press)

Directory of Open Access Books(17,000+ open access academic books from 300+ publishers; JavaScript required)

Fordham University Press(40+ open access backlist books)

Georgetown University Publications(80+ volumes from Georgetown University Press, many from Georgetowns Round Table on Languages and Linguistics)

Gutenberg-e(36 open access monographs from Columbia University Press and the American Historical Association)

Hawaii Open(80+ open access books from the University of Hawaii Press)

JSTOR Open Access eBooks(5000+ titles from various academic publishers, many also available on publisher sites)

Manchester Openhive(200+ open access books, 3 open access journals)

Monash University Publishing(60+ open access books)

MIT Press Open(100+ open access books)

National Academies Press(9000+ free online books in sciences and social sciences)

NYU Press Open Square(70+ titles, mostly from the 1990s)

OAPEN Library(9000+ open access books in humanities and social sciences from various scholarly publishers)

Ohio State University Press Open Access initiative(70+ free online books in humanities and social sciences; additional free OSU Press titles, mixed in with some information on recent in-print books not yet online, arehere)

Project MUSE Open Access books and journals(1800+ books and 5 journals from various university presses)

Purdue University Press Books(50+ open access titles)

SpringerOpen open access books(about 1000 titles published 2010-present)

Sydney Open Library(50+ open access titles from Sydney University Press)

UCL Press(University College London: 30+ free academic books)

University of Adelaide Press(40+ free academic books)

University of Calgary Press Open Access Books(100+ titles)

Luminos(70+ post-2014 books, released open access upon publication)

eScholarship Editions(700+ free pre-2005 books under public books advanced search option)

University of Georgia Press Georgia History Ebooks(49 books on Georgia history, mostly mid-20th century)

University of Michigan Press Open Access(200+ free academic books)

University of Minnesota Press Open Access titles(35+ free scholarly monographs)

University of Ottawa Press Open Access Publications(80+ open access books, in English and French)

University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Editions(700+ free scholarly monographs, 1938-2004)

Utah State University Press Publications(100+ free scholarly monographs)

WayneOpen Books(50+ free academic books)

Core Historical Literature of Agriculture(at Cornell)

Historical Publications of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station(at Kansas State)

Building Technology Heritage Library(pre-1964 US and Canadian architecture and building literature)

US Modernist(modernist architecture magazines of the mid-20th century)

Antique Pattern Library(public domain needlework pattern books)

Decorative Arts and Material Culture E-Facsimiles(at Wisconsin)

English Emblem Book Project(at Penn State)

Evenfall Studios Woodworks Library(Woodworking, furniture, and related topics; library may be offline as of March 2020)

Getty Publications Virtual Library(books from the Getty Museum and Institutes)

Guggenheim Publications Archives(exhibition catalogues and other free online books from the Guggenheim Museum)

MetPublications: Titles with full-text online(exhibition catalogues and other free online books from the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

On-Line Digital Archive of Weaving Documents(at Arizona)

Rare Books on Calligraphy and Penmanship(at the Internet Archive via

LibriVox(hear public domain books read aloud, and contribute your own readings)

Project Gutenbergshuman-readandmachine-generatedaudio titles

Storynory(audio books for children)

Digital Schomburg African American Women Writers of the 19th Century(at

North American Slave Narratives(at UNC)

The Church in the Southern Black Community(at UNC)

Digital Books About Books(listing at Oak Knoll)

English Emblem Book Project(at Penn State)

Reading: Harvard Views of Readers, Readership, and Reading History(with hundreds of online books about books and reading)

Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature(~6000 digitized books at University of Florida)

Biblis Bookshelf(designed with developmental disabilities in mind; JavaScript required)

Childrens Books Online: The Rosetta Project

Childrens Series Books Available Online(index at

Gateway to the Classics(~400 classic childrens books, 1880-1922, free to read; others by subscription)

Hockliffe Project(hundreds of early British childrens books)

International Childrens Digital Library

Library of Congress Childrens Book Selections(70 titles)

Literature for Children(70+ rare titles, most from late 19th century, at FCLA)

Nineteenth-Century American Children and What They Read(edited by Pat Pflieger)

UCLA Childrens Book Collection(1800+ selected books on the Internet Archive)

Digital Comic Museum(public domain comic books; free registration required only for issue downloads) personal computing books and articles from the 1970s and 1980s)

Classic Computer Magazine Archive(lots of information about 1970s-1990s microcomputers)

FlightSimBooks(books about computer flight simulators)

Free Online Programming Books(from Techtoolblog)

Microsoft eBook Giveaway(300+ titles on Microsoft technologies; not clear if persistent)

EThOS: Electronic Theses Online Service(thousands of British theses and dissertations; registration required; payment may be required for digitization of theses not yet in digital form)

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations(over 1 million free online theses and dissertations, and links to other major thesis sites; managed by Virginia Tech)

Trove Online Theses(over half a million free theses from various sources; at the National Library of Australia)

19th Century Playtext Database(at Pepperdine)

Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts(compiled by Peter Millington)

Marandet Collection of French Plays(several digitized collections from before 1789 through 1835; at Warwick)

Victorian Plays Project(350+ 19th century play scripts)

History of Economic Thought Archives(at McMaster)

Humanity Development Library(at NZ Digital Library; may not be currently maintained)

International Development Research Centre(free online books selection; in Canada)

Library of Economics and Liberty(at

Histoire de la Television(articles and books on early television history, in French and English)

Media History Digital Library(hundreds of books and dozens of magazines from 19th and 20th centuries)

Folklore From Indiana University(13,000+ volumes fully viewable online, mostly older)

Historical Database of Folk Play Scripts(compiled by Peter Millington)

This section includes general or wide-area historical archives and indexes. For sites that focus on a particular country, state, or region, see theregionalsection.

Blue Mountain Project(Historic avant-garde periodicals; at Princeton)

British LibraryTreasures in FullandDigitised Manuscripts

Center of Military History(historical books and documents by the US Army)

Chief George Manuel Memorial Indigenous Library(Indigenous studies digital documents; at

De Re Militari(medieval military history)

Digitized Medieval Manuscripts(index of 500+ libraries with digitized manuscripts)

Disability History Museum Library(books, images, and other artifacts)

Early Americas Digital Archive(at Maryland)

ETANA Core Texts(Near Eastern text archive)

France-Angleterre, 700-1200(800 medieval manuscripts)

Google News newspapers(most are historic and from the US and Canada, but some are newer or from elsewhere)

History of Economic Thought Archives(at McMaster)

The Internet Classics Archive(Greek and Roman texts)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook(at Fordham)

Internet Modern History Sourcebook(at Fordham)

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World(history of ancient Rome: at Chicago)

Libro(Iberian historical resources, at the Univ. of Central Arkansas)

The Luminarium(medieval - 17th century English literature)

The Medieval and Classical Literature Library(at

Missionary Research Library Pamphlets(3000+ works about various parts of the world, from Columbia)

Nineteenth Century Schoolbooks(at Pitt)

Online Historical Directories(and newspaper links; most free, some by subscription)

Perseus Project(classical Greek texts in translation; at Tufts)

Renascence Editions(16th-18th century texts, ed. by Richard Bear)

Samuel J. May Anti-Slavery Collection(thousands of pamphlets at Cornell)

Schulze-Greenleaf Library(250+ 16th-century printed books; at Northwestern)

Spirit of America Digital Collection(800+ 18th century pamphlets and almanacs, mostly imported from outside America)

Victorian Women Writers Project(at Indiana)

World Digital Library(digitized heritage materials from all countries)

World War I Document Archive(at BYU)

World War I Pamphlet Collection(at Penn)

Yizkor Books(Holocaust memorial books; at NYPL)

Cookbooks and Home Economics(10,000+ books from various California libraries; at

Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project(at MSU)

Fons Grewe(cookery and other books at Barcelona; multilingual texts and interface)

HEARTH(home economics and related disciplines; at Cornell)

See alsohistorical(for literature from a certain period), andnew original works(for web-published literature) andpoetry.

The Ape-Man: His Kith and Kin(literary and nonfiction precursors to

Australian Literary and Historical Texts(at U-Sydney)

Camelot Project(Arthurian texts; at Rochester)

Colonial Australian Popular Fiction: A Digital Archive(at Melbourne)

Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls(at Stanford)

Hess Collection Sample Dime Novels(at UMN)

In Parentheses(PDF files of world literature; in Canada)

Minor Victorian Poets and Authors(in the UK)

Nickels and Dimes(1800+ dime novels, 1860-1915; at Northern Illinois University)

Online Pulps(index of pulp fiction at

Princeton Prosody Archive(thousands of books on the study of language and poetry)

Sur La Lune Fairy Tales(folktales from around the world republished, annotated and discussed)

To Be Continued... The Australian Newspaper Fiction Database(serialized literature from Trove)

The Westminster Detective Library(American short detective fiction prior to 1891)

Wright American Fiction, 1851-1875(at Indiana)

Yellowbacks(19th century British mass-market novels; at Emory)

Air University Press(books on air, space, and the military, most downloadable)

Center of Military History(historical books and documents by the US Army)

De Re Militari(medieval military history)

Documents in Military History(300+ historical documents at Hillsdale)

General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library(army field manuals, etc.)

Napoleonic Literature(including online books on his military campaigns)

National Defense University Online Books

An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1490-1920(at Library of Congress)

ChoralWiki / Choral Public Domain Library(thousands of choral scores)

Historic American Sheet Music(3000+ pieces, 1850-1920: at Duke)

IMSLP Petrucci Music Library(500,000+ scores, 50,000+ recordings; in Canada)

IN Harmony: Sheet Music From Indiana(10,000+ pieces from various Indiana institutions)

Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection(30,000+ pieces of American popular music; at Johns Hopkins)

Library of Congress Digital Collections with sheet music(40+ collections with over 100,000 pieces)

Mutopia(2,000+ newly formatted scores of classical music, free to reuse)

Sheet Music Consortium(search for 250,000+ sheet music items from 40+ institutions)

These archives have substantial collections of material that has been first published first on the Net, or that appeared on the Web shortly after their original publication. See also Wikipedias article onWeb fiction, which mentions or indirectly links to a number of sites featuring online writing from amateurs and professionals.

The Assayer(review free titles from various sources)

Electronic Literature Directory(index of works written for the digital medium)

Free Online Novels(hundreds of novels first posted on the web; plus selected vintage fiction; edited by Jennifer Armstrong)

New Free Books(fiction reissues and originals)

Council for Research in Values and Philosophy Publications

Electronic Resources for Medieval Philosophy Studies: Digitized Books(mostly in Latin and other classical languages; at Boston College)

PhilPapers: Online Research in Philosophy(searches can be filtered to only include free online materials)

Aha! Poetry(tanka, haiku, and other forms)

American Verse Project(at Michigan)

Australian Poetry Library(over 700 books and many other poems and readings)

Canadian Poetry(at Western University)

Contemporary American Poetry Archive(at Connecticut College)

Eighteeenth Century Poetry Archive(2000+ works and 200+ profiled authors)

HyperEpos(index of online epic poetry)

Poetry Foundation Archive(thousands of poems, and poetry-related features)

Poetry in Translation(A. S. Klines large collection of translations)

Poets Corner(7000+ poems; edited by Steve Spanoudis)

The Poetry Archives(5000+ poems; at

Sonnet Central(sonnets and criticism; edited by Eric Blomquist)

African Activist Archive(thousands of documents, images, and other materials on 20th century African political activism; at MSU State)

American Radicalism Collection(at MSU)

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School(historic law-related texts)

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications(at GPO; includes digital and print)

CIA Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room(declassified CIA reports, documents, and histories) laws and legislation; see alsoUS Congress Bulk Data Set on Bills)

Congressional Research Service reports:Official site--EveryCRSReport

Constitutions of the World Online(1000+ constitutional documents; in Germany)

Council on Foreign Relations reports(250+ publications on US-international issues)

Debs collection of political pamphlets(hundreds digitized from a collection of 2000+ print pamphlets; at Indiana State)

Early American Marxism(covering 1864-1946; at

Fabian Society Online Archive(500+ British tracts, 1884-2000)

Georgetown Law Library digital collections(historic legal dictionaries, law journals, etc.)

GovInfo(searchable index to US government documents)

Hamlyn Lectures series(law lectures, 1949-recent; in the UK)

International Humanitarian Law: Treaties and Documents(at

Legal Information Institute(index to law text resources; at Cornell)

Lehman Lee Law Library(Chinese laws and commentary) Internet Archive(at

Online Library of Liberty(1000+ full text books and pamphlets, sponsored by Liberty Fund, Inc.)

OpenCRS(public access to research reports on current political events prepared for the US Congress)

Reason in Revolt: Source Documents of Australian Radicalism(in Australia)

Socialist History Project(primary sources and recent essays on Canadian socialism)

Spunk Library(anarchist and related texts; in the Netherlands)

Trial Pamphlets Collection(contemporary accounts of 17th-19th century US trials; at Cornell)

Feedbooks(thousands of public domain titles in EPub, Mobi, Kindle, and other formats)

Microsoft Reader Free eBooks(for PocketPC and Windows platforms; for-pay books also offered)

PalmPilot E-Text Ring(80+ sites featuring free or for-pay texts formatted for Palm readers)

Qvadis Library(free texts in proprietary Palm format; requires purchase of reader software)

A few sites make many of their titles available in popular formats for portable devices, as well as standard Web formats. Notable sites in this category includetheBaen Free Library.

Books concerning various regions can also be found in general resources in thehistoricalsection.

African Activist Archive(thousands of documents, images, and other materials on 20th century African political activism; at MSU State)

Institute for Security Studies publications(on issues of crime and corruption in southern Africa)

Egyptian journals(free articles in 500+ titles, at Egyptian National Library and Archives)

Digital Innovation South Africa(50+ online books and other media on the socio-political history of South Africa)

South African History Online(online books and other historical materials)

Myanmar Manuscript Digital Library(at the University of Toronto)

Ancient Books(thousands of digitized books and images at the National Library of China)

Chinese Rare Book Digital Collection(at the Library of Congress)

Lehman Lee Law Library(Chinese laws and commentary)

HKUL Digital initiatives(includes a number of works on Hong Kong history, economy and government)

Archives of Indian Labour(documents on workers in India, 1931-present)

Granth Sanjeevani(rare books and other historic materials, many in Indian languages)

KKV Repository(500+ digitized rare books related to India; downloads may be slow)

National Digital Library of India(registration required)

National Library of Israel Digital library(texts, images, and other documents on Israel, Jews, and related subjects)

Database of Pre-Modern Japanese Works(from the National Institute of Japanese Literature)

National Diet Library Digital Collections(hundreds of thousands of digital documents, mostly in Japanese)

Kawai Collection(digitized Korean classical manuscripts and books)

National Library of Korea Digitized Materials(books, newspapers, and more; mostly in Korean)

Qatar Digital Library(modern history and culture of the Gulf area, in English, Arabic, and other languages)

Literatura Filipina en Espaol(at Cervantes Virtual)

Lumina Pandit II(material related to the Philippines and the University of Santo Tomas)

BookSG(rare publications on Singapore and vicinity from the National Library of Singapore; most but not all free to read in full)

Wikilala(digitized printed texts from the Ottoman Empire)

CARTAH Electronic Text archive(histori

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