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Nonfiction. English 9 A. Nonfiction Element - Autobiographies and Biographies. A biography is the written story of a life. The writer must research the persons life and write in a way that makes what happened come to life for us.

nonfiction element persuasive techniques

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Nonfiction - judge julie presents . nonfiction. real people real events real ideas. the guilty parties

Nonfiction - . what is nonfiction ?. nonfiction is writing that is based on real people, places, objects, or events. can

Nonfiction - . five expository text structures. description. the author describes a topic by listing characteristics,

Nonfiction - . non-fiction writing assignments. names/ nombres pg. 43 5 homeless pg. 106 35 the noble

NONFICTION - . is prose that deals with real events and people, not with imagined events and imagined people. in

Nonfiction - . writings about real people, real places, real events. nonfiction . contains factual information.

Nonfiction - . soap strategy notes. s: subject the subject of a text is the general topic of the text. when you identify

Nonfiction - Midterm topics to study english 1 level 2. nonfiction. test specifics: *comprised of 100 multiple choice

Nonfiction - . *. nonfiction. prose writing that deals with real people, things, events, and places. types of nonfiction.

Nonfiction - . mrs. fabrizio honors english 9. fiction vs. nonfiction. fiction. nonfiction. deals with imaginary

Nonfiction - . 7 th grade unit 1. what is nonfiction?. prose writing that is based on facts, real events, and real

Nonfiction - . nonfiction is more than texbooks. balloons over broadway: the true story of the puppeteer of macys

Nonfiction - . what is nonfiction?. non-fiction is prose writing that presents and explains ideas or that tells about

NONFICTION - . nonfiction. writing that deals with real people, places, and events contains factual information. point of

Nonfiction - . understanding biography, autobiography, and memoir. biography. story of a persons life, told by someone

nonfiction - . additional resources. sibert medal yalsa nonfiction award orbis pictus award boston globe-horn book award

NONFICTION - . the writing about people, events, and ideas. it is the broadest category of literature. under the umbrella

Nonfiction - . literary elements. biography autobiography memoir essay speech informational text. forms of nonfiction.

Nonfiction - . vocabulary list 1. irreparable. adjective impossible to repair synonym: broken; ruined teachers

Nonfiction - What do you think you know about...? two activities for helping students read, write, and comprehend

Nonfiction Writing - . organization authors tone voice. elements of nonfiction writing. chronological time order

Nonfiction Element - Autobiographies and Biographies• A biography is the written story of a life. • The writer must research the persons life and write in a way that makes what happened come to life for us. • An autobiography is the written story of the writers own life. • Since the writer is writing about himself or herself, research is not needed. The writer usually writes in a way that allows us to see his or her personal thoughts and emotions.

Nonfiction Element Objectivity or Subjectivity?• Objectivity is an unbiased account that is not based on the writers thoughts. • Objectivity is important in autobiographies. • Subjectivity is open to the writers interpretation of the events. • Subjectivity is important in biographies. For more information, read page 355 in your textbook.

When I Lay My Burden Down Page 356• When I Lay My Burden Down is an excerpt from Maya Angelous autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. This portion of the story takes place in 1938. • Her parents divorced when she was four. • Moved from California to Stamps, Arkansas. • Stamps was a typical segregated southern town. • She quickly begins to call her grandmother, Momma, and works alongside her in Mommas general store.

When I Lay My Burden Down Assignment• Answer 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 from the book. • Complete the Reading Check from the book.

The Best Gift of My Lifepage 395• I think my idea of heaven when I was a kid was Christy Sanderss home. • What does this tell you about the author and her desires? • At the beginning of the story, the author compares and contrasts her home and Christy Sanderss home. • What are comparisons and contrasts?

The Best Gift of My LifeAssignment• Questions 1- 6 from the book. • Complete the reading check from the book.

Nonfiction Element - Essays• The term essay comes from the French word essais which means tries or attempts. • Read page 399 from your textbook to learn about the history of essays.

Darkness at Noon Page 454• This is an essay that is filled with anecdotes. • An anecdote is a brief story used to make a point or provide an example. • Darkness at Noon is filled with anecdotes. • Based on the title Darkness at Noon, what can you guess the essay is about?

Darkness at Noon Assignment• Answer questions 1-4 from the book. • Complete the Reading Check from the book.

Nonfiction Element - Writers Purpose• Nonfiction writing is divided into four main categories. • Exposition • Description • Narration • Persuasion

Nonfiction Element - Exposition• Exposition is a method of writing that explains or informs. • Judo throws require both precise timing and exact balance. At this level (yellow belt) there is always a slight possibility that the participants have insufficient agility or coordination. • Answers, What is it, and how does it work?

Nonfiction Element - Description• Description is writing that uses images to help us experience something with our senses. • The air conditioner in the gym was broken, and the place was like a giant oven. Jim was sweating heavily after the last throw. Terry lunged for Jim but his fingers slipped on Jims glistening skin. • Answers, What does it look, sound, smell, feel, taste like?

Nonfiction Element - Narration• Narration tells about a series of events, usually in chronological order. • I had just come out of the last throw and had turned toward Terry, who was getting up to come at me from the left. I made a quarter turn and moved my left leg forward when he reached for my neck and his hand slipped. • Answers, What happened?

Nonfiction Element - Persuasion• Persuasion uses evidence to influence people. • Jims jealous of me and always has been. I got my yellow belt three meets ahead of him, and Im the only one whos ever thrown him three out of four. • Answers What should I feel or do about it?

Nonfiction Element - Persuasive Techniques• Deductive Starts with a main idea and then supports it with details and examples. • Inductive Starts with details and examples and ends up with a conclusion (main idea).

Nonfiction Element - FallaciesFallacies are errors in logical thinking. • Attacking the person • Circular reasons Repeating the point without evidence. • False cause and effect Relating two events that may not, or are not, related at all. • Hasty generalization

Nonfiction Element Emotional Appeals• Emotional appeals add an extra persuasive push, but they are not a substitute for a logical argument. • Bandwagon Everyone is doing it. • Testimonial Famous people back a certain product. Read page 452 and 453 for more details and examples.

Homeless Page 461• In this essay, Anna Quindlen takes a new approach to what she calls the thing that seems most wrong with the world. Instead of just talking about the problem, gathering statistics, complaining, and hoping it will go away, what does Quindlen ask us to do? • As you read, look for the problem, and what Quindlen thinks is the solution.

Homeless Assignment• Answer questions 1-3 and 6 from the book. • Which category of nonfiction writing is this essay? Why? • Write two paragraphs explaining what you think is the most wrong with the world right now.

Choice: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Page367 • Listen to the original speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. • Choice is a speech that gives tribute to what he accomplished. • The speech was given in Jackson Mississippi, in 1972, about four years after he died.

Choice: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Assignment • Answer questions 1-9 from the book. All answers must be in complete sentences. Write at least one paragraph for number 9. • Complete the reading check from the book.

An Indians Views of Indian Affairs Page 447• Persuasive speeches use logical and emotional appeals to convince the listener to think or act in a certain way. • Pay attention to the way Chief Joseph uses both in his speech. • This speech is one of Chief Josephs many attempts to convince the government to let him and his tribe move back to their home.

An Indians Views of Indian Affairs Assignment• Answer questions 1-4 from the book.

Non-Fiction Unit Test Review• Types of Non-Fiction • What is an autobiography? • What is a biography? • What is an essay? • What is the purpose of a descriptive essay? • What is the purpose of an expositional essay? • What is the purpose of a persuasive essay? • What is the purpose of a narrative essay? • What is subjectivity? • What is objectivity? • What is an emotional appeal in writing? • What is a logical appeal in writing? • What is imagery? • What is a personal essay? • What is a formal essay?

Non-Fiction Unit Test Review• Writing • Define a thesis statement. • What is the purpose of an introductory paragraph? • What is the main purpose of a body paragraph? • What is the main purpose of the conclusion? • Homeless • What is the main point of Homeless? • How does the author, Anna Quindlen, support this point? • Does the author use fact, opinion, or both to support her point? How? • Quindlen states They are not homeless. They are ______. • What does that difference mean?

Non-Fiction Unit Test Review• Darkness at Noon • What disability did the author face? • What else did people assume about him? • Give one example of incorrect assumptions from the story. • What is the main point of Darkness at Noon? • What was the most upsetting experience for Krents? • How does Krents support the main idea of the essay? • Why is the importance of the title, Darkness at Noon? • An Indians View of Indian Affairs • What is the main point of this selection? • Does Chief Joseph use fact, opinion, or both to support his point? Give examples. • According to Chief Joseph, what promises did the government break? • What type of emotional appeals does Chief Joseph use? • What type of logical appeals does he use?

Non-Fiction Unit Test Review• When I Lay My Burden Down • How do the narrator and Momma deal with the childrens taunts? • What does Momma teach the narrator? • What is the main point of When I Lay My Burden Down? • The Best Gift of My Life • Why is Rylant ashamed of her home? • What has the biggest impact on her life? Why? • What is The Best Gift of My Life?

Non-Fiction Unit Test Review• Choice: A Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, JR • What is the main purpose of this essay? • How does the author make her point? • What details does the author use to support her main point? • Why was the author bitter in the 60s? • What does Walker mean when she writes, The history of my family, like that of all black Southerners, is a history of dispossession.?

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