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To the one who holds me tight, helps me sleep at night and the one who means the world to me.

A story about a trip I did years ago

I Am Trans, but Ive Always Been a Man.

hewo, transboy in the house tryin to show my nightmares to the world

My experience with an eating disorder.

Its not about betrayal. It is only about money!!!

Zac idea of fun gets him serious consequences!

This is about how a serious lock down got scary real quick.

It tells about the perfection in love. As no one is perfect in it.

This would be something that I wish I could tell my mom.

What do you do when you find out your child is gay?

Sometimes the people whom weve hardly known leave the strongest impressions in life.

no need to worry. The end is sure to come. It is inevitable. No one can escape it.

The title is dedicated to the people in my family who have struggled odds and ends in life to keep us content. This is a conversation I shared with my Aunt.

My grandfather died on November 3rd 2018, so this is sort of a memorial to him.

Take a reflective and poetic journey through the invisible world.

Craving some food for thought? Enjoy this delish dish of mind-watering English.

People talk about how theyd die for each other. I want to know if youd use a moment of your day just for me.

Picturing a future that will never happen- wistful and a warm image all at once.

Wishing I Never Knew What It Was Like to Love You

Heartbreak in the form of rejection, the undeveloped and young kind.

Be careful what you ask. There is a question which bewitches some, bedevils others...and brews a special kind of magic.

Welcome to the wild kingdom of the English language. Adventure awaits...

This poem is so-so and thats just ok.

Communication is not all black and white.

The things you learn by hanging around a dirt race track.

A poem sliced from a novel that I was working on last year. Though I stopped working on it, there were some description I liked.

The Largest Humanitarian Crisis in the World (Yemeni Civil War Speech)

2022 World Issue Speech- Yemeni Civil War

The Courage That Stems From Our Experiences (JFK Profiles in Courage)

2022 Submission to JFK Profiles In Courage Essay Contest

Alan is concerned about his elderly mothers new male acquaintance who is twenty years younger than her and becomes increasingly suspicious about the mans motives for befriending her.

Nothing much, just a simple life story ❤️ 😊

Now I Wish We Never Met, Cause Your to Hard to Forget

A personal narrative assignment for my AICE General Paper class.

this is a part one but this gave me the chills

Short true stories. TW contains talk about suicide

Valentines day. the most dreaded of holidays when its being spent in the closet

Alans vulnerable and elderly mother is targeted by a stranger who eventually marries her. Alan then has the challenge of saving her and her property from him.

Realizing to have burn out for 13 years. Try to avoid it. I am not sure how.

I Know We Break, but Were Not Broken

To the boy (whos no longer here anymore) who saved my life when I attempted suicide.

a letter to my friend who is an absolutely amazing human being 3

Young basketball players cant go left (use their offhand), respect it, protect it, and perfect it.

One is the only number that youll ever need.

Massacre in Oxford, Michigan. A school shooting where fingers are either on the trigger or are pointed at someone else.

idk what to put for the description. I just am talking about how I fell. So read it if you want.

So many words. Certain ones reVERBerate.

Earliest childhood memories of Christmases at grandmas house.

DARPA N3 Brain Bio and Neural Link experimentation carried out by many corporations, private and military contractors, institutions and universities long involved in CIA unethical human experimentatio

A story of cointelpro operations in America

A look into Leonardo da Vinci sketches

Interesting meaning of the names of weekdays

The loss of young lives in wars as they give their lives for what they believe is honor

We hold these truths to be self evident

The life and death of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement

Please, ignore the fact I wrote this in the middle of art- After an anxiety attack in PE-

A story about how a chance encounter between a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and a cynical lawyer leads to the former escaping her abusers hold.

⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ This poem contains curse words.

Advancement is an internal program. Heres the algorithm ...

A true story about how my best friend slept with my boyfriend. I just found out about it today.

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