Grade-2 English

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This course follows the Common Core State Standards for 2nd grade English.

Reading skills are developed and enhanced so that students are able to answer and ask questions such as who, what, where, why, and when about a story. Students will develop an understanding of how the rhythm, structure, and points of view add meaning to a story. Writing skills will also be improved, as students will be asked to state and support opinions, explain how to complete a task, and tell a story with written word. A students use of the English language will be improved upon by having the student practice using collective nouns, irregular plural nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. Students will be asked to remember conventions dealing with capitalization, comma usage, apostrophe usage, and spelling patterns when writing.

By the end of the course students should have developed better speaking and listening skills, such as building on others comments in conversations, asking questions about what a speaker says, being able to tell a story in front of others, and providing complete sentences when asked to clarify a thought or idea. The students should be able to mentally add or subtract numbers in tens or hundreds. Third, the students will learn to use standard units of measurement. They will learn to understand why standard units are important and will practice using rulers and other tools for measurement. Fourth, the students will become proficient at describing and analyzing shapes by counting their numbers of sides and angles. Analyzing two- and three-dimensional shapes to provide a foundation for understanding area, volume, similarity, and symmetry.

Vocabulary Introduction and Words 1

Vocabulary: Short and Long Vowel Sounds

Handout: Charlottes Web Reading Journal

Assignment: Chalottes Web Reading Journal

Speaking and Listening: How to be a Good Listener and Speaker

3- Simple Sentences, Baby Farm Animals, Asking Questions

4- Proper Nouns, Sarah Plain and Tall, Bugs

Vocabulary: When Two Vowels Go Walking

Assignment: Plural and Proper Nouns

Handout: Sarah, Plain and Tall Reading Journal

Assignment: Sarah, Plain and Tall Reading Journal

6- Pronouns, Morals, Tops and Bottoms

Reading Mini Lesson: And the Moral of the Story is

Writing: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

Handout: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

Assignment: Tops and Bottoms Reading Journal

7- Verb Tense, Irregular Verbs, Cats

8- Possessive Nouns, A Drop of Water, KWL

Handout: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

Assignment: Possessive Nouns and Pronouns

Reading Mini Lesson: Fiction or Nonfiction?

Assignment: A Drop of Water KWL Chart

Reading Mini Lesson: KWL Charts Review

9- Prefixes, Adjectives and Adverbs, Rain

10- Abbreviations, Cinderella, Writing Poetry

11- Root Words, Contractions, To The Zoo

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 10

Grammar: Contractions and Double Negatives

Handout: Contractions and Double Negatives

Assignment: Contractions and Double Negatives

12- Statements, Questions, Poppleton in the Water

13- Exclaimations, Commands, Where You Live

14- Subject and Predicate, The Story of Ruby Bridges

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 13

Grammar: Subject and Predicate Agreement

Assignment: Time For School Recording

Writing: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Handout: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Assignment: The Story of Ruby Bridges Journal

Speaking and Listening: Ruby Bridges

16- Sequence, How a Seed Grows, From Seed to Plant

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 15

Handout: How a Seed Grows KWL Chart

Assignment: How A Seed Grows KWL Chart

Handout: From Seed to Plant KWL Chart

Assignment: From Seed to Plant KWL Chart

17- Making Connections, Reasons to Write, Plant Research

Worksheet: Vocabulary Definitions 17

Handout: Paragraph and Topic Sentence

Assignment: Paragraph and Topic Sentence

Reading: Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11

Assignment: First Draft Research Paper

Assignment: Final Draft Research Paper

19- Figurative Language, A Medieval Feast

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Christian Book Program Grade 1st-8th

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