Can You Make Money on Wattpad? [10 Easy Steps Youust Follow]

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Can You Make Money on Wattpad? [10 Easy Steps You Must Follow]

Can You Make Money on Wattpad? [10 Easy Steps You Must Follow]

Joining the Wattpad community is easy. All you need to sign up is to be 13 years old and up, and have an email, or any social media account. Once youve registered, you can start on your path to becoming a paid writer.

To qualify for the Wattpad paid stories and other programs, you have to meet a set of requirements.The writer must be a Wattpad star, or the story is a Wattys winner.Publish the complete story on Wattpad.Entire story must consist of at least 50,000 words.Excluded categories: random, fanfiction, classics, poetry, and non-fiction.Although not mentioned on the official site, your story must have a book cover sized 512 x 800 pixels.

Like Instagram, Wattpad promotes titles based on an algorithm and liked stories. When a user likes a story, it will appear on his or her followers newsfeed. If you want to take the initiative and be proactive in pushing your story, there are many ways you can do so.

If you want to know can you can make money on Wattpad? then it has to star with how you actually get paid on Wattpad! Once your story has met the criteria, a Wattpad staff will approach you for monetization.

Wattpad booksis an after-effect of being one of the top writers on the site. Its the publishing side of Wattpad and turns online stories into paperback books. Data collection and community voting decide which titles will be candidates for publication. Wattpad contacts the authors of the selected stories for book publication and deals. Sometimes outsider publishers offer writers on the platform book deals as well.

With everything to consider, the best strategy is to be patient and persevering. Being recognized wont happen overnight. In the meantime, the best thing to do is to polish your skills and continue writing. The more high-quality pieces you produce, the closer you get to your goal. Its essential in life to always remember that all good things take time.

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