Annie Dillard

---a novel of lifelong love set on Cape Cod among the Provincetown artists colony people, starting in the 1940s.

I can no longer travel, cant meet with strangers, cant sign books but will sign labels with SASE, cant write by request, and cant answer letters. Ive got to read and concentrate. Why? Beats me.

Please dont use Wikipedia. It is unreliable; anyone can post anything, no matter how wrong. For example, an article by Mary Cantwell misquotes me wildly. The teacher in me says, The way to learn about a writer is to read the text. Or texts.

Here is some information for scholars.(Ive posted this web-page in defense; a crook bought the name and printed dirty pictures, then offered to sell it to me.I the course of that I learned the web is full of misinformation.This is a corrective.)

Here is a short list of the books Ive written and edited.

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Annie Dillard


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