A war with Russiaould be unlike anything US and NATO havever

Russian tanks in drills at the Kadamovskiy firing range in the Rostov region in southern Russia

Jan. 12, 2022In a recent pressconferenceheld on the occasion of a visit to Moscow by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about continued NATO expansion, and the potential consequences if Ukraine was to join the trans-Atlantic alliance. He said:Their [NATOs] main task is to contain the development of Russia. Ukraine is simply a tool to achieve this goal.They could draw us into some kind of armed conflict and force their allies in Europe to impose the very tough sanctions that are being talked about in the United States today. Or they could draw Ukraine into NATO, set up strike weapons systems there and encourage some people toresolve the issue of Donbass or Crimea by force,and still draw us into an armed conflict.Putin continued:Let us imagine that Ukraine is a NATO member and isstuffed with weapons and there are state-of-the-art missile systems just like in Poland and Romania. Who will stop it from unleashing operations in Crimea, let alone Donbass?Let us imagine that Ukraine is a NATO member and ventures such a combat operation. Do we have to fight with the NATO bloc? Has anyone thought anything about it? It seems not.But these words were dismissed by White House spokesperson Jen Psaki,who likened them to a fox screaming from the top of the hen house that hes scared of the chickens,adding that any Russian expression of fear over Ukraineshould not be reported as a statement of fact.

Psakis comments, however, are divorced from the reality of the situation.The principal goal of the government of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is what he termsthede-occupationof Crimea.While this goal has, in the past, been couched in terms of diplomacy -[t]he synergy of our efforts must force Russia to negotiate the return of our peninsula,Zelenskytoldthe Crimea Platform, a Ukrainian forum focused on regaining control over Crimea -the reality is his strategy for return is a purely military one,in which Russia has been identified as a military adversary,and the accomplishment of which can only be achieved through NATO membership.

How Zelensky plans on accomplishing this goal using military means has not been spelled out.As an ostensibly defensive alliance, the odds are thatNATO would not initiate any offensive military action to forcibly seize the Crimean Peninsula from Russia.Indeed, the terms of Ukraines membership, if granted, would need to include some language regarding the limits of NATOsArticle 5- which relates to collective defense - when addressing the Crimea situation, or else a state of war would de facto exist upon Ukrainian accession.

The most likely scenariowould involve Ukraine being rapidly brought under the umbrella of NATO protection, with battlegroups like those deployed into eastern Europe being formed on Ukrainian soil as a trip-wire force, and modern air defenses combined with forward-deployed NATO aircraft put in place to secure Ukrainian airspace.

Once this umbrella has been established,Ukraine would feel emboldened to begin a hybrid conflict against what it terms the Russian occupation of Crimea,employing unconventional warfare capability it hasacquiredsince 2015 at the hands of the CIAto initiate an insurgency designed specifically to kill Russians.

The idea that Russia would sit idlyby while a guerilla war in Crimea was being implemented from Ukraineis ludicrous;if confronted with such a scenario, Russia would more than likely use its own unconventional capabilities in retaliation. Ukraine, of course, would cry foul, and NATO would be confronted with its mandatory obligation for collective defense under Article 5.In short, NATO would be at war with Russia.

This is not idle speculation. When explaining his recent decision to deploy some 3,000 US troops to Europe in response to the ongoing Ukrainian crisis,US President Joe Bidendeclared:As long as hes [Putin] acting aggressively, we are going to make sure we reassure our NATO allies in Eastern Europe that were there and Article 5 is a sacred obligation.Bidens comments echo those made during his initial visit to NATO Headquarters, on June 15 last year. At that time, Biden sat down with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg andemphasizedAmericas commitment to Article 5 of the NATO charter. Biden said:Article 5 we take as a sacred obligation. I want NATO to know America is there.Bidens view of NATO and Ukraine is drawn from his experience as vice president under Barack Obama. In 2015, then-Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Worktold reporters:As President Obama has said, Ukraine should ... be able to choose its own future. And we reject any talk of a sphere of influence. And speaking in Estonia this past September, the president made it clear that our commitment to our NATO allies in the face of Russian aggression is unwavering. As he said it, in this alliance there are no old members and there are no new members. There are no junior partners and there are no senior partners. There are just allies, pure and simple.And we will defend the territorial integrity of every single ally.Just what would this defense entail?As someone who once trained to fight the Soviet Army, I can attest that awar with Russia would be unlike anything the US military has experienced -ever.The US military is neither organized, trained, nor equipped to fight its Russian counterparts. Nor does it possess doctrine capable of supporting large-scale combined arms conflict.If the US was to be drawn into a conventional ground war with Russia, it would find itself facing defeat on a scale unprecedented in American military history. In short, it would be a rout.

Dont take my word for it.In 2016, then-Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster,when speaking about the results of a study - the Russia New Generation Warfare - he had initiated in 2015 to examine lessons learned from the fighting in eastern Ukraine,told an audienceat the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington thatthe Russians have superior artillery firepower, better combat vehicles, and have learned sophisticated use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for tactical effect.Should US forces find themselves in a land war with Russia, they would be in for a rude, cold awakening.In short, they would get their asses kicked.

Americas 20-year Middle Eastern misadventure in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syriaproduced a military that was no longer capable of defeating a peer-level opponent on the battlefield.This reality was highlighted ina studyconducted by the US Armys 173rd Airborne Brigade, the central American component of NATOs Rapid Deployment Force, in 2017. The study found that US military forces in Europe wereunderequipped, undermanned, and inadequately organized to confront military aggression from Russia.The lack of viable air defense and electronic warfare capability, when combined with an over-reliance on satellite communications and GPS navigation systems, would result in thepiecemeal destruction of the US Army in rapid ordershould they face off against a Russian military that was organized, trained, and equipped to specifically defeat a US/NATO threat.

The issue isnt just qualitative, but also quantitative- even if the US military could stand toe-to-toe with a Russian adversary(which it cant),it simply lacks the size to survive in any sustained battle or campaign.The low-intensity conflict that the US military waged in Iraq and Afghanistan has created an organizational ethos built around the idea that every American life is precious, and that all efforts will be made to evacuate the wounded so that they can receive life-saving medical attention in as short a timeframe as possible. This concept may have been viable where the US was in control of the environment in which fights were conducted.It is, however, pure fiction in large-scale combined arms warfare.There wont be medical evacuation helicopters flying to the rescue - even if they launched, they would be shot down. There wont be field ambulances - even if they arrived on the scene, they would be destroyed in short order. There wont be field hospitals - even if they were established, they would be captured by Russian mobile forces.

What there will be is death and destruction, and lots of it.One of the events which triggered McMasters study of Russian warfare was the destruction of a Ukrainian combined arms brigade by Russian artillery in early 2015. This, of course, would be the fate of any similar US combat formation.The superiority Russia enjoys in artillery fires is overwhelming,both in terms of the numbers of artillery systems fielded and the lethality of the munitions employed.

While the US Air Force may be able to mount a fight in the airspace above any battlefield, there will be nothing like the total air supremacy enjoyed by the American military in its operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.The airspace will be contested by a very capable Russian air force, and Russian ground troops will be operating under an air defense umbrella the likes of which neither the US nor NATO has ever faced.There will be no close air support cavalry coming to the rescue of beleaguered American troops. The forces on the ground will be on their own.

This feeling of isolation will be furthered by the reality that, because ofRussias overwhelming superiority in electronic warfare capability,theUS forces on the ground will be deaf, dumb, and blind to what is happening around them, unable to communicate, receive intelligence, and even operate as radios, electronic systems, and weapons cease to function.

Any war with Russia would find American forces slaughtered in large numbers. Back in the 1980s, we routinely trained to accept losses of 30-40 percent and continue the fight, because that was the reality of modern combat against a Soviet threat. Back then, we were able to effectively match the Soviets in terms of force size, structure, and capability - in short, we could give as good, or better, than we got.

That wouldnt be the case in any European war against Russia.The US will lose most of its forces before they are able to close with any Russian adversary, due to deep artillery fires.Even when they close with the enemy, the advantage the US enjoyed against Iraqi and Taliban insurgents and ISIS terrorists is a thing of the past. Our tactics are no longer up to par - when there is close combat,it will be extraordinarily violent,and the US will, more times than not, come out on the losing side.

But even if the US manages to win the odd tactical engagement against peer-level infantry,it simply has no counter to the overwhelming number of tanks and armored fighting vehicles Russia will bring to bear.Even if the anti-tank weapons in the possession of US ground troops were effective against modern Russian tanks (and experience suggests they are probably not), American troops will simply be overwhelmed by the mass of combat strength the Russians will confront them with.

In the 1980s,I had the opportunity to participate in a Soviet-style attack carried out by specially trained US Army troops - theOPFOR- at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California, where two Soviet-style Mechanized Infantry Regiments squared off against a US Army Mechanized Brigade.The fight began at around two in the morning. By 5:30am it was over, with the US Brigade destroyed, and the Soviets having seized their objectives.Theres something about 170 armored vehicles bearing down on your position that makes defeat all but inevitable.

This is what a war with Russia would look like.It would not be limited to Ukraine, but extend to battlefields in the Baltic states, Poland, Romania, and elsewhere. It would involve Russian strikes against NATO airfields, depots, and ports throughout the depth of Europe.

This is what will happen if the US and NATO seek to attach the sacred obligation of Article 5 of the NATO Charter to Ukraine. It is, in short, a suicide pact.About the Author:

Scott Ritteris a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer and author ofSCORPION KING: Americas Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump.He served in the Soviet Union as an inspector implementing the INF Treaty, in General Schwarzkopfs staff during the Gulf War, and from 1991-1998 as a UN weapons inspector. Follow him on Twitter@RealScottRitter

Comment:It takes a genius to goad a global fight, given irrefutable odds it will lose.

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The Bloomberg news release on the beginning of the Russian Federations invasion of Ukraine demonstrates the danger of endless declarations by Western countries about so-called Russian aggression, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

On the night of Saturday 5 February, the agency released the headlineRussia invades Ukraine, but then removed it and claimed that this action was not intentional.

This is a great demonstration of how dangerous the situation is, caused by the endless aggressive statements coming from Washington, London, other European capitals,Peskov told RIA Novosti.

German tabloidBild( another FAKE NEWS MEDIA belong toMEDIASION NEWS) published [Link] information from unnamed intelligence services allegedly about Ukraines accession to the State of the Union.The diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation stated on publication that the published plan is a strange mixture of speculation and rumors and refused to comment on them.

The publication says Moscow intends to attack the neighboring country in February or March.

In December, the Associated Press reported that Russia would attack Ukraine in early 2022.

According toMEDIASION NEWSBild, if the military operation is successful, Russia will begin to create a pro-Russian puppet government. Earlier, British Justice Minister Dominic Raab threatened sanctions on Moscow if a Kremlin-controlled government was established in Ukraine. Subsequently, the British Foreign Office released a statement in which it was considering the option of bringing a pro-Russian government to power in Ukraine, which presumably could be headed by a former member of the Verkhovna Rada, Yevgeny Muraev.The plans listed by Bild include the siege of cities, the election of a new loyal parliament and even special camps for those who resist, the lists of which are already in preparation. The publication states that Moscow is pursuing the goal of including Ukraine in the State of the Union.

According to the observer, Zelenskys statements that he did not see the escalation of the situation on the border with Russia put the head of the White House, Joe Biden, in a foolish position.

As a result, Zelensky further worsened the attitude of the US administration and President Biden towards himself and his entourage,

he concluded.Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said he does not see any more escalation in the country today than before.

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