65 Best Witch Anime of All Time Ranked

As far as anime is concerned, there are various genres and subgenres that you can enjoy, based on your preferences. Whether you want something more realistic or completely fantastic, anime will deliver. You just have to know where to look. Witch anime is not actually a specific subgenre of anime but witches are a recurring motif and they certainly have a following among the fans.

This list is going to include a total of 65 anime series which fit into the witch anime genre. Theyre going to be ranked from 65thto 1stplace, based on their overall quality and cultural impact. Youre going to get some basic production information and plot details on each of them.

This list of the best witch anime series is a very long one and a very diverse one as well. Were going to include different titles, both older and newer, some of which are focused exclusively on witches, while others have witches as secondary characters. The latter are, of course, going to be ranked lower on the list, as the main criterium of this list is the representation and portrayal of witches and not the general quality of the show.

Original Run:February 5, 2017January 28, 2018

Ichika Usami is a junior high school girl who loves baking. As she prepares a cake for her mother who is about to return home from abroad, she is interrupted by a fairy, Pekorin. She explains that monsters in search of a special energy contained in sweets, called Kirakiraru, transform these into disgusting black things to increase their power.

Ichika doesnt want that to happen to her cake as well because she wants to finish it before her mother returns, and her desire makes her turn into a Pretty Cure, Cure Whip.

Joined by a passion for sweets, she is joined by the shy and intelligent Himari Arisugawa (Cure Custard), the aspiring rock singer Aoi Tategami (Cure Gelato), the elegant Yukari Kotozume (Cure Macaron) and the masculine Akira Kenjo (Cure Chocolat) and together they open the Kirakira Pâtisserie, determined to protect the Kirakiraru energy from enemies and bring happiness through their creations.

During the series the famous pastry chef from France, Ciel Kirahoshi (Cure Parfait) joins the team.

Original Run:February 4, 2018January 27, 2019

Hana Nono, a 13-year-old girl who longs to be seen as an adult, begins her high school year when she hurries in a hurry. While trying to go to school, she encountered a strange baby named Hug-tan and a hamster-like fairy named Harryham Harry who had appeared out of the sky. But in the middle of the encounter, Hana learned from them that they were being pursued by the Criasu Corporation, which wants the Mirai crystal from Hug-tan (Mirai Crystal), with one of his subordinates to catch them.

Hanas desire to protect Hug-tan has awakened her inner potential as her own Mirai Crystal appears, which transforms her into Cure Yell. Together with Saaya, Homare and later joined by Emiru and Ruru, they form the HUGtto team! PreCure in the hope of protecting the future of the people of Criasu Company.

Original Run:February 3, 2013January 26, 2014

Mana Aida, President of the second year students at gai College, enjoys helping others. However, during a visit to the Clover Tower, a monster appears! These are the selfish who launch an assault on Earth after destroying the Trump Kingdom! Without paying attention, Mana takes part in the fight between Cure Sword and the Jikoch monsters.

She meets the fairy Sharuru and activates the Cure Lovies! Mana becomes Cure Heart! With the help of her childhood friends Rikka (Cure Diamond), Alice (Cure Rosetta) and the mysterious Cure Sword, Mana protects Earth from selfish people while trying to save the Trump Kingdom!

Original Run:February 2, 2014January 25, 2015

The world is overwhelmed! The Phantom Empire wants to destroy all good feelings and plunge the universe into an aura of hatred, sadness and despair! Fortunately Blue, the God of Earth, has enabled young girls to become Precures, fighters of light and goodness, they will fight against the generals of the Phantom Empire across the world in a conflict of global scale where the Precures fight against the Saiark, condensed of hatred and despair.

But the Precures are slowly giving way, especially in Pigarikora, a small Japanese town where Cure Princess fights with the energy of despair despite his many defeats and his phobia of the Saiark. Living in the Embassy of the Kingdom of Blue Sky, the young princess is in despair because not only does she not manage to stop the invasion but also because it is she who opened the box which contained all the generals of the Empire and thus brought the kingdom of Blue Sky to its demise.

Original Run:February 3, 2019January 26, 2020

The Starry Sky World is home to the twelve Star Princess which are based on the signs of the zodiac and maintain order in the universe. But when the Notraiders attack the Star Palace, the princesses disperse throughout the universe as the Princess Star Color Pens.

Seeking to revive the princesses and prevent the universe from being consumed in darkness, the aliens Lala and Prunce travel with the fairy Fuwa to the town of Mihoshi on Earth where they meet Hikaru Hoshina, a young girl overflowing with imagination.

Upon receiving a Star Color pendant and one of the Star Color pens, Hikaru transforms into the legendary PreCure, Cure Star. Joined by Lala and two other daughters, Elena and Madoka, as well as the shapeshifter alien, Yuni, Hikaru leads the Star Twinkle PreCure as they seek to revive the Star Princess and fight against the Notraides.

Original Run:February 1, 2015January 31, 2016

Haruka Haruno is a freshman girl from the prestigious Noble Academy, where she enrolled in the hope of one day fulfilling her dream: to become a princess, or rather have the qualities, like the protagonist of her favorite fairy tale. One day, Haruka meets two fairies, Pafu and Aroma, fleeing the Hope Kingdom, now conquered by the evil Dyspear, the witch of despair at the head of the Dysdarks, intent on imprisoning everyones dreams behind the Door of Dreams.

When attacked, Haruka manages to transform herself into Cure Flora, the Flower Princess, using the Dress-Up Key given to her years earlier by Kanata, the prince of the Hope Kingdom. Together with the mature Minami Kaido (Cure Mermaid) and the famous model Kirara Amanogawa (Cure Twinkle), the three Pretty Cures must collect the twelve Dress-Up Keys to open the Door of Dreams and thus free the dreams imprisoned by the evil ones, managing to become Grand Princess.

Over the course of the series they are also joined by a fourth warrior: Towa Akagi (Cure Scarlet), who had previously fought against them as Twilight.

Original Run:February 5, 2012January 27, 2013

Miyuki a teenager arrives at a new college. On the way, she hears a noise. Right after, a cute little white creature straight out of a book stumbles upon him and says her name is Candy, a pixie from the fairy tale realm of Mârchenland. Thanks to her, Miyuki will be able to become Cure Happy, a legendary warrior who fights the villains of the Bad End kingdom who want to erase all smiles from the world and resurrect their leader: the infamous Emperor Pierrot.

Miyuki will become friends with Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika who will also become Precures in order to recover all the Precure Strass which will save the queen of Mârchenland, who has the power to defeat Pierrot. In the western adaptation, Miyuki is named Emily and has a premonitory dream about the events of the series at the start of the first episode. So she knows straight away that she is destined to become a legendary warrior.

Original Run:February 6, 2011January 29, 2012

In Major Land, Queen Aphrodite organizes an annual concert in which the Melody of Happiness is played in order to spread happiness throughout the world. However, an evil man from Minor Land named Mephisto steals the legendary sheet music so that it can be changed so that it plays the Melody of Despair instead, spreading sadness across the world.

Before everything escalates, Aphrodite manages to disperse the notes that make up the legendary score in the human world and sends a fairy named Hummy to Earth in the town of Kanon in order to retrieve them. In this small town, two teenage girls, each with a strong but opposing character, are always ready to argue. Hibiki is a born sportswoman while Kanade is an outstanding cook.

Although they were early childhood friends, a misunderstanding tarnished their friendship. However, problems quickly follow one another until the two teenage girls meet Hummy who chooses them to become the new Suite Precures in order to recover the missing Notes and protect everyones happiness while fighting the members of Minor Land. and their Negatones.

Original Run:February 7, 2010January 30, 2011

Cure Moonlight, the protector of the Tree of Hearts has just been beaten by Dark Precure who took a piece of her precure seed. Shypre and Coffret are responsible for finding new PreCure. Tsubomi is a young girl, shy by nature, who has just moved. Tsubomi saw Cure Moonlights final fight in a dream. She therefore integrates a new college and believes that she will change her nature.

However, in her class, she meets a young girl who is extroverted and attracted to fashion: Erika. The two college girls will soon befriend. But now two little fairies Shypre and Coffret arrive in their world and make them Pretty Cures. They will therefore have to fight the Apostles of the Desert who want to harm the Tree of Hearts.

Original Run:February 1, 2009January 31, 2010

Love Momozono, a dynamic young girl, who is offered by her mother a ticket for the concert of her idol: Miyuki from the group Trinity. During the concert, a young girl posing as Eas calls on a Nakewameke, who attacks the hall. It is by wanting to save Miyuki that Love will transform into Cure Peach, a legendary Precure warrior.

Along with her allies Cure Berry and Cure Pine, they will have to fight against Labyrinth who want to control the world and suppress all free will by filling the despair gauge with the human feeling of hopelessness. During their fights, the Precures will face Westar, Soular and Eas as well as Moebus, the leader of the Labyrinth, but also the Nakewameke.

Original Run:February 4, 2007 January 25, 2009

Nozomi Yumehara, a simple college student, discovers in the library of her school a book called Dream Collet and a little later a magical creature (from the Palmier Kingdom) whose name is Coco was being chased by a huge monster. Nozomi decides to help Coco destroy this monster and transforms into Pretty Cure.

Once the monster is defeated, Nozomi also decides to help Coco rebuild her kingdom, which was destroyed by an organization called The Nightmare Company. The only way to rebuild this kingdom would be to complete the Dream Collet by finding the 55 Pinkies. She also meets other students Rin Natsuki, Urara Kasugano, Komachi Akimoto and Karen Minazuki who also become Precure.

Original Run:February 1, 2004 January 28, 2007

The first story revolves around two girls, Misumi Nagisa and Yukishiro Honoka, who meet Mipple and Mepple, two fairies from the Garden of Light. These fairies empower them to fight against the forces of Dark Zone: a dimension of evil that has invaded the Garden of Light and where the Earth is now doing the same in Rainbow Garden.

The series initial quest was for Cure Black and Cure White to seek out the Prism Stones, and place them in the Prisl Hopish. The Hopish is protected by the Guardian, Wisdom. Once they discover all of the Prism Stones, their powers lead them to the Garden of Light, where the damage done by the Dark Zone is erased by the power of the Prism Stones. Later in the series, Porun, the Prince of the Garden of Light gives the Pretty Cures a new power, Rainbow Bracelets to defeat Dark King.

Original Run:February 3, 1992January 18, 1993

Yuuri and Ken are two siblings living in the port town of Sunny Bell, where their parents have recently moved and opened a flower shop. From their neighbour Rose, they receive the Mary Bell picture book, a story about two children who get lost in the woods and get help from a magical girl named Mary Bell. Together, the children wish Mary Bell were there to help their parents struggling flower shop.

Suddenly, Mary Bell appears before them, introducing herself and her partner Tambourine from Seelie Court and agreeing to help them with magic. Over the course of the series, Mary Bell, Ken, Yuuri, a dog named Ribbon, and the others have many adventures both in Sunny Bell and in the world of flower magic, Mary Bells home.

In the series finale, the Sacred Tree of the Flower Magic World comes to Sunny Bell to destroy all the plants on Earth, believing that this is necessary to stop humans from harming them. Mary Bell and the townspeople are able to convince him not to do this, and Mary Bell decides to stay on Earth and help the humans with magic, even though her goal (to collect peoples dreams by helping them) has already been accomplished.

Original Run:April 8, 2014July 2, 2014

The story begins a year before the events ofSoul Eater: 14-year-old Tsugumi Harudori arrives in Death City to begin his new life as a student of Shibusen and develop his powers as a weapon. There she will meet many personalities such as Meme, a Meister suffering from amnesic disorders, and Anya, a Meister with a capricious and proud temperament, who will become her best friends. Other protagonists will join in the joyous but crazy life of these three friends.

Original Run:July 9, 2014September 24, 2014

Shibaki is a high school boy whose only interest is girls. Except hes been rated the kinkiest boy in school and the girls avoid him like the plague. One day he finds a book in the library on how to summon witches. He tries it as a joke, but it turns out to be real. An apprentice witch named Rurumo appears to grant her a wish.

Shibaki helps Rurumo and she in return refuses to take her soul. When the story begins, Shibaki wishes that he could see Rurumo again. His wishes are immediately granted when Rurumo falls from the sky and crashes in front of him. He discovers that, as punishment for not taking her soul, she has been arrested by an apprentice witch. Now, he must complete the task of making Shibaki use 666 magical wish-granting tickets before she can become a witch again.

Original Run:January 3, 2008December 24, 2008

Tsukune Aono is an unremarkable young boy who unfortunately failed all the high school entrance exams. By pure chance, his father finds an advertisement for Yokai High School, the High School for Monsters. It is there that he meets Moka Akashiya, an angelic-looking young girl who actually hides a split personality and very powerful vampire powers (S-class monsters).

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His powers are revealed when the rosary adorning his neck is torn off. Thanks to Mokas powers, both will fight several monsters. Later, Tsukune and Moka will meet the succubus Kurumu Kurono and Yukari Sendo, a gifted little witch. Ginei Morioka is the president of the journalism club, a werewolf (S-class monster) nicknamed Gin.

Original Run:October6,2016August25,2017

1939. Mankind was confronted with the sudden appearance of a mysterious enemy. They called him the Neuroi. In the blink of an eye, the Neuroi successfully invaded most of Europe, destroying the homes of many and conquering entire nations. To fight the Neuroi, humanity developed a new weapon, the Flying Striker Units, which could only be used by witches girls with magical powers.

Witches from all over the world gathered to use these Striker Units against the Neuroi. A unit of these witches was formed: the 502nd Joint Fighter Squadron of the Allied Forces, called the Brave Witches.

Original Run:March 18, 1982 December 23, 1992

In the first series, Gigi is the princess of the Neverland of Fenarinarsa, The dreamland of heaven. Fenarinarsa is the home of all imaginary and fairy-tale characters, but it is threatened with extinction as the inhabitants of Earth have lost their dreams and hopes. The King and Queen of Fenarinarsa, therefore, send their daughter to Earth to help humans find their dreams.

Gigi settles in an adoptive family on Earth, accompanied by three companions having the appearance of a dog (Sindbook), a round monkey (Mocha), and a bird (Pipil). Gigi is a little girl of around twelve who possesses several magical powers, the most important of which allows her to transform into a young girl in her twenties with new skills.

Original Run:July 7, 1995March 8, 1996

Created By:July 7, 1995 March 8, 1996

Ririka Moriya is a 10-year-old girl who divides herself between the school and the small hospital of Seiya Uzakis father, where she now knows everyone, from the staff to the patients, with whom she has a deep friendship. One day in her institute, Kan arrives, a new student with a mysterious and fascinating air who does not take long to make many students fall in love with him, including Ririka.

Misa, apparently an exceptional student and idol of her class, is a young witch who goes from school to school using black magic to enact chaotic and brutal justice. Along the way, her strange past is revealed.

Original Run:August 24, 2005January 25, 2006

In the first part, the king mails himself to Tsukune, as he has been threatened by the Daimauo (meaning Great Devil). The delivery boy then reveals himself as the Daimauo and turns the king into a frog. In retaliation, Tsukune places a bad luck curse on the Daimauo: he gets lost, loses his wallet and keys, steps in dog mess, and his castle burns down.

Original Run:July 4, 2020September 19, 2020

The show, which is conceived by Hajime Asano, combines influences from the genres of idol, magical girl, and fantasy. Girls who are able to use magic are known as witches. The magical energy is generated by the emotions of all people. Witches are able to collect and concentrate this energy through concerts known as orchestras.

Original Run:July 6, 1984May 31, 1985

Vanessa is an eleven-year-old girl who grew up with wild animals, like Simbad the lion, in the Serengeti Plain of Africa, wearing only leopard skin. The twins Lionel and Jacquot and their grandfather Gontrand bring Vanessa back to Japan, to join her parents Nadia and Marc who run a grocery store. But the plane has an accident and Vanessa finds herself in a fairyland.

Original Run:April 4, 2012February 19, 2014

While playing with her friends in an esoteric experiment to find out which girl a companion likes, Chiyoko Choco Kurotori attempts to summon the messenger of love, Cupid. However, at the moment of the invocation the girl has a stuffy nose and instead of invoking Cupid, Gyupid, a black witch with a good heart, is invoked, who decides to train Chiyoko to become a black witch too.

Original Run:April 7, 1987October 26, 1989

This anime tells the story of Mami, a fourteen-year-old girl from Tokyo who realizes that she has extra-sensory powers: telepathy and psychokinesis among others, which she will use to help ordinary people in difficulty. Accompanied by her tanuki, Ratinou, and her best friend, Kazuo, she experiences adventures which, in a light tone, deal with social problems in Japan such as suicide or ecology.

Original Run:December 5, 1966September 23, 1991

Sally befriended Patricia and Elisa, Earth girls. It is the day of her coronation as the queen that she will have to abandon her friends and never return to Earth. Sally, not agreeing, flees the kingdom and arrives on Earth at the time of an accident.

His mother, aware of his departure, accepts this decision in exchange for erasing all the memories of the land of dreams and of his family. He will thus remake the links that she has forged before and decide to settle on Earth. She built a sort of witchs castle there for her house.

Original Run:January 3, 2006March 28, 2006

Haruo Yoshikawa is an ordinary student who one day sees a beautiful girl across the street and then loses sight of her soon after. But the girl is real and soon he finds her at her house intent on carrying out the functions of a housekeeper with the excuse of paying for her studies.

In reality, Ayumi Mamiya, this is the girls name, comes from the magical world and has appeared on Earth to finally break the curse that was placed on her as a child, and to do so she needs Haruos help.

Original Run:May 2, 1990March 27, 1991

Dolceluna, princess of the kingdom of magic, on her twelfth birthday is sent to Earth by the will of King Felice and Queen Lilly, her parents, to bring dreams back to humans in order to save the kingdom from destruction.

She is welcomed by Aunt Tilde who has moved to Earth for several years, where she runs a small shop called Happy Shop. Here, Dolceluna, followed by her faithful mascot, the blue penguin Cippi, meets many friends, in particular Leo and Gaia, two boys who, together with little Pepito, are the only ones who know Dolcelunas secret.

Original Run:April 1, 1974September 29, 1975

Created By:Shingo Araki, Yugo Serikawa

Without the world noticing, the selection is underway on Earth to elect who will become the future Queen of the Witches (their kingdom is on another planet). The favorite candidates are Bia and Noa, two young witches who compete every day to get this very important title.

The series begins with the nice scene of Bia descending to Earth: waiting for her to help her in her apprenticeship is Mammy, who works small and innocent magic on loved ones to make them believe that Bia is part of the family.

Original Run:February 15, 1980February 27, 1981

In an attempt to stop Biscus from stealing magical items, Lalabel falls with him into the world of humans. Unable to return to the world of magic, Lalabel is adopted by the Tachibana, an elderly couple, on the condition that her true identity is kept secret.

Here she will immediately make friends with Teko and Toko and meet other people. While Lalabel learns about the uses and customs of the human world, she has to contend with Biscus and Ochiba who are always ready to rob or swindle others for the sole purpose of giving Biscus the chance to gorge on noodles.

Original Run:August 24, 1992July 16, 1993

Created By:Masuji Harada, Takashi Yui

After Yadamon makes a mistake in the magic forest, the main characters mother exiles her into the human world. She does this not only to teach her daughter a lesson, but she has a huge passion for human magazines and books.

Mom periodically monitors Yadamon, because she always gets into problematic situations, falling asleep at any moment. The world has become modern, full of megacities and new technologies. In addition, many animals became extinct. Yadamon finds an islet where he is going to recreate extinct animal species.

Original Run:October 7, 2007March 23, 2008

Following the mysterious disappearance of his father, the young and inexperienced Itsuki Iba is forced to take the helm of the family business, Astral. Astral is a magical delivery company, which is in charge of sending wizards or magical creatures to anyone who requests magical help.

However Itsuki, unlike his father, in addition to not being endowed with any magical power, is also a fearful person and this puts him in a bad light with the employees of Astral. In addition to his employees, Itsuki will also have to contend with those who threaten the family business.

Original Run:October 7, 2018 present

An inexperienced young priestess who has joined the Guild joins a group of novice adventurers, but her first quest turns into a nightmare when the rest of her team is slaughtered by Goblins: she owes her salvation only to a mysterious man in armor, the Goblin Slayer, an adventurer whose one and only objective is the eradication of these creatures.

Original Run:April 4, 2016March 24, 2021

One day, leaving a convenience store, a Japanese high school student in a tracksuit named Subaru Natsuki is transported to a parallel world without any explanation. While trying to make his mark in this new world, Subaru is attacked by a band of bandits.

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On the verge of death, he is saved by a silver-haired half-elf named Satela, accompanied by a cat-like spirit, Pack. To reciprocate, he decides to help her with her daily chores, including finding the badge that was stolen by Felt.

Bloody Fateadapts the same story from the original video game and the same characters appear, with some small modifications in the order in which some events happen. After waking up from 500 years of slumber at the bottom of a lake without remembering anything of her life before hers, the witch Bayonetta embarks on a journey to re-discover her identity and her past.

Fighting the hordes of angels that stand in her way, Bayonettas journey takes her to the isolated European city of Vigrid, where she is faced with faces from her past and a mystery regarding the Eyes of the World.

Original Run:January 5, 2017March 23, 2017

Meirochou is a city full of fortune tellers known as Uraras, who specialize in different forms of divination. Chiya, a girl who was raised in the forest, comes to Meirochou looking for her mothers whereabouts. Along with three other interns Urara, Koume, Kon and Nono, Chiya aims to become the highest ranked Urara in order to enlist the help of the legendary Urara and find her mother.

Original Run:October 1, 2016December 17, 2016

The story takes place in an alternative Europe and begins in 1939, when the totalitarian empire of Germany starts a campaign of conquest that leads it to subdue more than half of Western Europe in a few months.

In a desperate attempt to defend her country, Princess Fin, heir to the small kingdom of Eylstadt (located in the Austrian Tyrol area), finds herself accidentally awakening Izetta, the presumed last witch left in the world, endowed with such power as to determine from only the fate of the conflict.

Original Run:October 6, 2018December 29, 2018

In 2078, Hitomi Tsukishiro is a girl from a family of wizards who lost the ability to see colors when she lost the people she cared about most. Not wanting to see her suffer like this anymore, Hitomis grandmother, Kohaku Tsukishiro, sends her granddaughter into the past 60 years earlier to let her meet her seventeen-year-old herself in 2018.

Here, Hitomi will begin a path of personal growth thanks to the help of her parents. new friends, which will lead her to rediscover the true colors of the world.

Original Run:October 2, 2020September 25, 2021

The ninth grader, Yusuke Yotsuya, is a practical boy with no friends and is not a member of any club. But one day, he and two classmates are transported to another world where they must work together to survive. Yotsuya is a lone wolf and has always lived his life satisfying himself, but how will that work now that he is a hero?

Original Run:January 9, 2017June 26, 2017

Ever since Atsuko Kagari attended a Shiny Chariot witch magic show as a child, she has had only one dream: to become a witch to make people happy. Having grown older than her, Akko can finally enroll in Luna Nova Magical Academy, a school for young witches where from that moment she spends her days together with her classmates and roommates, Lotte Yanson and Sucy Manbavaran.

However, she Akko has a hard time paying attention in class, she doesnt know how to drive her broom and is frowned upon by the rest of the class for her apparent inability to perform any magic, even the simplest, without causing disaster.

Original Run:April 12, 2015June 28, 2015

Deeply dissatisfied with his school life, Ry Yamada is a renowned thug from Suzaku high school who falls down the stairs one day and accidentally ends up on model student Urara Shiraishi. Upon awakening in the infirmary, Ry immediately realizes that he has swapped bodies with the girl, which is why the two try in every way to get things back to normal, until they discover that the key is to kiss.

Having revealed their secret, Toranosuke Miyamura, one of the vice presidents of the student council, advises him to revive the old club of supernatural studies of the school, so that he can use the classroom in peace, but shortly after the group will increase in number with the entry of Miyabi It, a fanatic student of the supernatural, and Kentar Tsubaki, a transfer student.

Original Run:February 7, 1999January 26, 2003

Doremi, a simple schoolgirl, claims to be the most unhappy girl in the world, until one day she unwittingly heads for a magical shop run by the witch Majo Rika and her fairy Lala. Dormi unwittingly transforms the witch into a kind of little green frog, and to free her from this spell, is forced to become her apprentice-witch. Only Doremi will have the power once she becomes a witch to deliver Majo Rika from this curse.

Doremi, who has always dreamed of having magical powers, accepts, and is later joined by her two best friends Hazuki Fujiwara and Aiko Seno. The life of an apprentice witch is punctuated by exams. At their first exam (which Doremi takes twice), they each receive a little fairy.

Created By:Kazuharu Sato, Takayuki Hirao.Takumi Minamijima

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