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Youll find all current objects emojis in Whatsapp and Facebook as well as a description of their meaning. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

I need to hurry or When will you be there? Timekeeper and status symbol. Emoji is used in a time-related context, e.g. dates, deadlines, appointments or delays.

This emoji refers less to the mobile phone itself. It is more commonly used in connection with calls: Pick up the phone! or I need to make a quick call.

Mobile phone with a pointing arrow. Stands for an incoming call or another action on the mobile phone.

Emoji represents the MacBook. Can generally be used in the context of computers or work. I have to finish this or I want a new laptop.

Its time to write a new chapter! You have been sitting in front of the computer all day, are doing office work or writing something, for example, a book, a blog article or your thesis. The keyboard can act as a tool or, just like the computer, symbolize ones personal talent potential.

Take a look at the screen! In general, stands for working on the computer or computer games. Can also mean I bought a new computer.

I need to print something! The printer stands for office work in general, for the colleague who again caused a paper jam, or for the technology of 3D printers. And its always good to carefully read the fine print.

Emoticon shows a white computer mouse with three-button operation (Apple only with one button). Can be used for general computer work.

Trackball to operate the computer. Works like a trackpad or a mouse. Often used in connection with computer games or equipment. Chat partner is busy working on the computer.

I want to gamble another round! Joystick of a slot machine in amusement arcades. Generally refers to computers, consoles and everything that has to do with electronic games.

Ill apply a headlock on you! A metal screw clamp with C-clamp symbolizes the pinching of objects or even people.

I found an old Walkman! Once the revolution in sound recordings, the audio and data storage format was discontinued and replaced by MP3 players. The mini disk was the most common in Japan.

I will save that! Meanwhile obsolete, but a popular data storage format for the PC from 1970 to the 90s. Symbol of the function save in computer programs.

For a long time, the CD was considered the most common way to store data and play music and movies. Almost replaced by the streaming technology. Symbolically, it stands for the availability of a huge amount of information.

Weve got the movie on DVD! Data storage format for playing movies or music albums. May also refer to Blue Ray or (obsolete) technology in general. A DVD movie could mean that someone is in need of recreation.

Lets watch a movie at home tonight. The video cassette is a nostalgic relic from the 80s. Was very popular until the late 90s. The format was replaced by the DVD.

A new camera is required, a shooting is due or the processing of the pictures is still going on. Emoji shows a classic camera that takes pictures. Symbol for shooting, photographers or photo credit. The camera also stands for ones memory, it reminds you of stored experiences that you should make use of.

Can you take a picture of me? Refers to photography. The fired flash indicates that a picture is being taken. You want to visit a landmark and take pictures there.

Someone is watching holiday videos, has made a video of the last night or a new video is being uploaded to social media. In the 80s and 90s, home videos were shot with the video camera. Symbolically, the video camera stands for alertness, the desire for change, self-reflection, objectivity and for changing ones own perspective.

And action! Another part has just been shot! The classic, professional film camera is used in the context of motion picture films, the film industry or the filming of broadcasts. The emoji can also be used as an invitation to shoot your own (dirty) film.

Roll it! Do you feel like watching a movie? The cinematograph projects a movie onto a screen. Expresses the preference or interest in movies and often serves as an invitation to a cozy evening.

Is this reality or just a movie? Incidents are happening like in a movie or someone is a real movie nut! In the past, filmstrips were used for the development of moving images, hence films. From 1930, there was also sound with the pictures. From 1970, most of the films were in color.

I am going to call you shortly! Earphone of an old-fashioned, classical landline telephone. Someone is talking on the phone or wants to call the other one. Popular icon in smartphones or graphics for everything around telephony.

Someone will call you later, call you back quickly or has been making phone calls all day. A classic landline telephone. Also serves as a symbol for the phone number.

It can happen any moment! Message receiving device used by emergency services. Popular communication tool of the 90s. Emoji may be an invitation to be on call in case an event occurs. Also used for professional standby duty and alertness.

Ive got news! Common communication device of the 80s and 90s for transferring documents. Is considered old-fashioned, but still used in companies. Symbolically, it stands for trouble-free communication, the establishment of a contact, the longing for communication, or something needs quick settlement and remedy.

A cozy TV evening is coming up or you are watching a live broadcast such as a football game. Old-fashioned CRT TV, popular before the introduction of flat screen TVs in the 90s. Refers to television or the device. The emoji can also be used as a symbol of too easy-going and lazy behavior. You are missing out on many things.

I just heard it on the radio! An old-fashioned, portable radio for receiving broadcasts or music. Refers to listening to music, news or sports. Symbolically, it stands for communication, exchange and knowledge.

The microphone is used for radio or studio recordings. For the radio, for music or other recordings. The microphone ensures that music or a moderation finds its way to many ears. It can be a symbolic indication that you should not keep something to yourself, but communicate it in public even if this is not easy (and perhaps embarrassing).

An album is being recorded in the recording studio or youre having a gig as a DJ. The slider can be used to tune the sound on the mixing console. Can refer to recording or the processing of music as well as music productions.

We are back in the studio! The control dials can be used to adjust the sound on the mixing console. The emoji is related to audio engineering, events or music productions. May also mean: I am capable of multitasking!

Which direction should I take? The maritime symbol indicates the geographic direction and serves for orientation and navigation. Stands for self-realization and goal-oriented action but also for being rooted at home and for protection during a journey.

Someone is stopping the time, wondering how long it will take or has only got little time left. The meter measures the time between start and stop. The watch is used, for example, during sports or competitions.

You havent got much time left! The food is almost ready. The timer counts down a preset time. After the time has elapsed, an alarm sounds. Time is almost over! Refers to temporal processes such as time specification or deadlines.

When shall we meet? or Dont forget our date! The alarm clock often serves as a reminder or to indicate a deadline or urgency.

You are old-fashioned! The decorative clock can often be found on a fireplace. Subject of a classic interior design or a rather old-fashioned environment. Symbolic of a conservative attitude.

Time is up! Timing device since the beginning of the 14th century. Stands for time but also for transience. Someone is too late, time has passed quickly or you cannot wait any longer.

Time flies ... Represents elapsing time in a particular matter. Can be used as a reminder of something or a warning: Your time is running out.

Ive got you on my radar! For receiving radio programs such as radio or television. Its about sending signals and communicating. We receive your voice clearly and distinctly! Can also stand for extraterrestrial life or science fiction.

You need to charge your own batteries, someone needs a break. Or the opposite is the case: You are bursting with energy! Also notification icon on the phone regarding the battery level.

I need a charge of energy! Refers to the power supply of electrical equipment, to the power outlet or your own physical energy supply. The charging cable was forgotten at home or the electrician is due.

Im stuck like a limpet! A metal screw and a matching nut. The emoji is also used in connection with an upcoming repair.

Emoji symbolically shows that something should be fuelled or set in motion. Can also mean You wheel me in my life!

Currently, our house is still a construction site! Clay bricks are the oldest building material for building houses or castles. Artificially made stone of fired clay or ceramic. May mean joy and happiness or a new beginning.

The switched-on light bulb means: It just dawned on me! I have just had a brilliant idea!

The flashlight illuminates dark areas. There is no electricity, Youre being X-rayed, or I know the truth. The emoji is also used to symbolize camping and night walks.

Power outage, light a candle (in the church), bring something to light or romantic dinner. The illuminant with a wick is usually made of wax. Represents enlightenment, awareness and insight.

The oil lamp has its origin in India. Light source in houses but also used ceremonially, in temples or during the Hindu festival of lights Diwali. An Indian holiday or a trip is coming up.

It is getting pretty hot or someone is playing with fire. The chat partner needs a cooling-down! The fire extinguisher serves as a precautionary measure to fight against a fire.

Metal barrel for the storage or transport of oil. The car is leaking oil and must be taken to the garage, you ate too much and feel like a barrel or something is dangerous and can explode in your face like a bursting barrel.

A stack of banknotes with wings. Chat partner was on shopping tour and spent a lot. The money just flies away.

Bundled stack of banknotes. The dollar is the currency of the United States and an important lead currency. Used in conjunction with money in general and the US. In rap videos used as an expression of lavish wealth and luxury.

In 1871, the Japanese currency yen was introduced. The 500 yen coin is the most valuable circulating coin in the world (about 4.20 euros). The emoji represents the country or money and fortune in general.

A wad of euro banknotes with package band. The official currency in most European countries. You live in the lap of luxury, spend money like water, or you can have a real good time on vacation.

Fancy a trip to England? The British pound is the currency of the United Kingdom. Refers to the country, currency or money in general.

Diamonds are a girls best friends. You are important to me and as precious as a diamond. Diamonds are for eternity. Symbol of luxury and wealth.

The scales are balanced both sides weigh the same. It is difficult to come to a decision, neither advantages nor disadvantages predominate. Symbol of Justitia (goddess of justice) and the legal system as well as the zodiac sign Libra.

I need to call a craftsman or No problem, I will fix it myself! Practical box for storing and transporting a collection of tools. To announce that you are technically skilled and practically-minded, or that you are in need of (professional) help.

The car has to go to the workshop, the leaky faucet has to be repaired or craftsmen are coming to your house. The screwing tool can be found in every tool case. Stands for maintenance, repair or refers to the profession, e.g. plumber or mechanic.

Will you help me assemble the shelf? Mechanical tool for tightening or loosening screws. In a figurative sense, for a connection that needs to be strengthened or loosened.

Using the sledge hammer method or hit the nail on the head. A hammer builds something up or tears it down. Something goes under the hammer, is auctioned. Symbol of strength.

Hes really skilled in his craft! Hammer and pick are the traditional tools of the miner. Stands for work in general and for in operation. Mining symbol and miners coat of arms (mallet and iron).

Something needs to be fixed: the relationship, the roof or the car! Hammer and wrench can be found in the tool case. A difficult project is being tackled. Stands for manual skills or a profession.

Work tool used by miners, gardeners or gold diggers. For working on stone, ice or hard ground. Ill do it myself! Icon for video games like Minecraft.

We build the furniture ourselves! Tool for working wood. Can relate to the carpenters profession or express manual dexterity. Sawing a tree trunk as a popular wedding game.

Are you coming fishing with me? An object for fishing or a device for hanging things. You want something by hook or by crook. Or you hook up with someone or let someone off the hook.

Someone moves up in their job, climbs the job ladder or is already in a high position. A ladder is used for painting the ceiling, hanging up a lamp or harvesting fruit. As a warning: whoever climbs high can fall deep.

To hold a pistol to someones head. Originally presented as a weapon, now appears as a toy gun. The gun can cause great damage. Is posted if someone is very angry or as a threat.

A tightly filled moneybag with dollar sign. Used very often in well-known comics, such as those of Scrooge McDuck or the Beagle Boys. Caution! If the emoji is used, the conversation is about money.

The bill is on me! Have no money on you or make your credit card red hot when shopping. The back of a credit card has a magnetic strip, signature and security code. May relate to online trading, credit card theft or payment transactions in general. Furthermore, it symbolizes easy access to resources.

Do you have a few coins for the parking meter? Or Ill toss a coin! A means of payment with mostly low monetary value or commemorative coin as a collectors item. The first finds come from the Mediterranean region around 2,000 BC.

Stop yanking my chain! or A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Symbol for things that are interconnected.

You are like a magnet to me! or The band mates are babe magnets. A magnet always has two poles: Opposing poles attract each other, the same ones repel each other. Someone or something exerts a strong pull.

„Lets bomb down the motorway!, „This place looks like its been hit by a bomb. or „Thanks a bomb! Emoticon of a bomb that will explode any moment. Could mean anger or a very tense feeling on the side of the chat partner.

You are a grenade! or Beware, explosive! Firecrackers or bangers denote the pyrotechnic object that produces a bang. Fireworks for New Years Eve, signal ammunition or artistic performances (stage bang).

We need firewood! Tool for chopping or splitting wood and cutting trees. The emoji for nature boys, horror films or a layoff (he got the ax).

A Hocho is a Japanese kitchen knife. Used for mincing food. You are belligerent or something is terrifying. Known idioms are e.g. to get ones knife out in disputes or to stab someone in the back in betrayal.

Attack or defense! Thrusting weapon with a blade sharpened on both sides. Often in connection with the Middle Ages or fantasy. Someone is sharp sighted or fighting at the sharp end.

Dont come too close! In the past, the sword was a weapon but also a status symbol. The crossed swords can stand for a battle or war, either in real life or in a computer game, for instance. They also symbolize that someone prefers the direct route or a friend died in war.

We must protect ourselves! The buckler emoji conveys protection and security. This symbol can often be found with antivirus software.

I love the Tom & Jerry cartoons! Classic trap with a piece of cheese. As a warning not to fall into someones trap. Colloquially for a space from which there is no escape.

Were going to the cemetery! To commemorate the dead and to mark the resting place. As a reminder of a loved one or an expression of condolences. Jokingly or as a warning to be careful and watch out.

Im going to have a smoke or Im nervous. The cigarette is a symbol of enjoyment of life and inspiration. Can also mean that smoking is permitted here.

Rest in peace! Can indicate a case of death in the family or in the circle of friends. In addition, it symbolizes the valediction from things long gone.

Receptacle that contains the ashes of a deceased person. Can stand for bereavement but also for your current mood. In chats also (jokingly) used as a threat on what will happen if the other person does not comply with a request.

A holiday in Greece is just around the corner, you are interested in the ancient world or would like to go shopping for some decoration! The jug with a narrow neck is an antique vase and a unit of measurement. The amphora holds about 26 liters. The name originates from Greek and means jug with two handles.

What will happen? The crystal ball symbolizes supernatural perceptions. Is used to look ahead and predict the future.

A prayer chain, which is used by many religions. Stands for prayer, meditation, or religious spirituality.

Someone is superstitious or is going to Turkey on vacation. A relationship or a person is toxic. The blue, eye-shaped amulet can be found in oriental countries. It is believed to ward off the evil eye, which brings mischief.

I have to go to the barbershop! The rotating red-white-blue cylinder is the barbers craft symbol. Located at the entrance of an American barbershop. A barber is mainly responsible for the hair of the beard. The emoji is mostly used in the context of shaving.

Glass vessel with long downward neck. Used by chemists to distill liquids. Can mean that someone loves experiments or is brewing something.

We are watching you! A telescope allows to observe far away things. In seafaring, for observing wild animals or stars or distant planets in an observatory. Can stand for clairvoyance.

I will look carefully at the details! Possible fraud or deceit is exposed. Used in school or in a laboratory. Often related to science and research.

Deep, black hole means: I am very embarrassed about something and feeling awkward. I just want to sink into a hole right now.

I hurt myself! For wound care for injuries and basic equipment in the first aid kit. Something or someone serves as a consolation, that is, reparation or satisfaction.

Please remove your top! Distinguishing feature of the doctor. Medical instrument for listening to the heart, lungs or internal organs. A doctors appointment or a visit to the hospital is due, someone has fallen ill or is training to be a nurse.

Swallow the bitter pill. Symbol for medicine: Im not feeling well! Represents illness or indisposition.

Syringe with reddish contents. Can mean: I have to go to the doctor (blood test). Also used as a symbol for drug consumption.

He cut his finger, Were going to donate blood or I have my monthlies! The body fluid is a symbol of life. Something is defended to the last drop of blood.

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Youll find all current WhatsApp and Facebook smileys as well as a description of their meaning. You can use the various emojis on any Apple, Android, and Windows device. Have fun with diving into the colorful world of emojis!

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